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KATO, Shinya


KATO, Shinya




Assistant Professor


Research Topic

Photonic quantum coupled system and its applications

My research interest lies in quantum optics. In particular, I focus on few or many-body quantum systems made up of photonic quanta, so-called photons. To mediate an interaction between photons, I utilize trapped single atoms that couple to high-quality optical cavities. The novel design of the unit, including cavities, enables the system size to be expanded step-by-step. The interacting photons introduce a new experimental platform compared to conventional electronic or atomic quantum many-body systems.

Education and Academic Employment

2012.4-2014.3:  Junior Researcher, Waseda Univeristy
2012.9:  Ph. D. (Kyoto University)
2014-2016.9:  JSPS Research Fellow (SPD)
2014.6.10-2020.3:  PRESTO Researcher

Fields of Research Interests

Quantum optics

Academic Publications
  • Donald H. White, Shinya Kato, Nikolett Nemet, Scott Parkins, and Takao Aoki, “Cavity Dark Mode of Distant Coupled Atom-Cavity Systems,” Physical Review Letters 122, 253603 (2019).
  • Shinya Kato, Nikolett Nemet, Kohei Senga, Shota Mizukami, Xinhe Huang, Scott Parkins, and Takao Aoki, “Observation of dressed states of distant atoms with delocalized photons in coupled-cavities quantum electrodynamics,” Nature Communications 10, 1160 (2019).
  • Shinya Kato, Kensuke Inaba, Seiji Sugawa, Kosuke Shibata, Ryuta Yamamoto, Makoto Yamashita, and Yoshiro Takahashi, “Laser spectroscopic probing of coexisting superfluid and insulating states of an atomic Bose–Hubbard system,” Nature Communications 7, 11341 (2019).
  • Shinya Kato and Takao Aoki, “Strong Coupling between a Trapped Single Atom and an All-Fiber Cavity,” Physical Review Letters 15, 093603 (2015).
  • Sho Chonan, Shinya Kato, and Takao Aoki, “Efficient Single-Mode Photon-Coupling Device Utilizing a Nanofiber Tip,” Scientific Reports 4, 4785 (2014).
  • Shinya Kato, Sho Chonan, and Takao Aoki, “High-numerical-aperture microlensed tip on an air-clad optical fiber,” Optics Letters 39, 773 (2014).
  • Makoto Yamashita, Shinya Kato, Atsushi Yamaguchi, Seiji Sugawa, Takeshi Fukuhara, Satoshi Uetake, and Yoshiro Takahashi, “Strongly interacting array of Bose-Einstein condensates trapped in a one-dimensional optical lattice,” Physical Review A 87, 041604R (2013).
  • Shinya Kato, Seiji Sugawa, Kosuke Shibata, Ryuta Yamamoto, and Yoshiro Takahashi, “Control of Resonant Interaction between Electronic Ground and Excited States,” Physical Review Letters 110, 173201 (2013).
  • Shinya Kato, Rekishu Yamazaki, Kosuke Shibata, Ryuta Yamamoto, Hirotaka Yamada, and Yoshiro Takahashi, “Observation of long-lived van der Waals molecules in an optical lattice,” Physical Review A 86, 043411 (2012).
  • Kato, K. Shibata, R. Yamamoto, Y. Yoshikawa, and Y. Takahashi, “Optical magnetic resonance imaging with an ultra-narrow optical transition,” Applied Physics B 108, 31 (2012).
  • Yamaguchi, S. Uetake, S. Kato, H. Ito, and Y. Takahashi, “High-resolution laser spectroscopy of a Bose–Einstein condensate using the ultranarrow magnetic quadrupole transition,” New Journal of Physics 12, 103001 (2010).
  • Shibata, S. Kato, A. Yamaguchi, S. Uetake, and Y. Takahashi, “A scalable quantum computer with ultranarrow optical transition of ultracold neutral atoms in an optical lattice,” Applied Physics B 97, 753 (2009).
  • Uetake, A. Yamaguchi, S. Kato, and Y. Takahashi, “High power narrow linewidth laser at 556 nm for magneto-optical trapping of ytterbium,” Applied Physics B 92, 33 (2008).
Other Interests

Mountain hiking

Affiliated Academic Organizations

The Physical Society of Japan


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