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KASAI, Amane


KASAI, Amane


Ph.D. in Musicology


Assistant Professor



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Studying environments for experiencing music: Hot spring resorts as a starting point

Research Topic

Theatre Culture at Tourist Sites in Japan: Focusing on Music Tourism and Formation of Local Images

My research focuses on how places for experiencing music have changed in modern Japan. In pre-modern times, each music genre and its players, listeners and venues varied according to the social class. However, after the Meiji period, each individual could have access to various kinds of music, since the class system was abolished and Western theatres and sound recording technology were introduced. The originality of my research lies in the cross-genre viewpoints: it has examined historical, cultural and social circumstances affecting multiple music genres, by referring to the environment in which we actually experience music.
This study reconsiders tourist sites as places where people with different music preferences and backgrounds gather and experience music together, in order to clarify the function and peculiarity of local theatre culture.

Education and Academic Employment

2010.3: Ph.D. in Musicology, Tokyo University of the Arts
2007.3: MA in Music, Tokyo University of the Arts
2005.3: BA in Music, Toho Gakuen School of Music

Academic Employment:

2020.4-Present:  Assistant Professor, Waseda Institute for Advanced Study, Waseda University
2020.4-Present:  Concurrent Researcher, Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Waseda University
2020.4-Present:  Part-time Lecturer, Music Department, Toho Gakuen School of Music
2018.4-2020.3:  Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Keio University
2018.4-2020.3:  Part-time Lecturer, School of Network and Information, Senshu University
2017.4-2019.3:  Part-time Lecturer, College of Education, Yokohama National University
2017.4-2020.3:  Co-researcher, International Research Center for Japanese Studies
2015.4-2019.3:  Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Art and Design, Kyoto University of Art and Design
2015.4-2017.3:  Part-time Lecturer, Performing Arts Center, Tokyo University of the Arts
2014.4-2016.3:  Part-time Lecturer, Department of English and American Literature, Seikei University
2013.4-Present:  Part-time Lecturer, Department of Musicology, Tokyo University of the Arts
2013.4-Present:  Part-time Lecturer, Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
2013.4-2020.3:  Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Arts and Literature/Center for General Education, Seijo University
2012.4-2020.3:  Adjunct Researcher, Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Waseda University
2011.7-2011.9:  Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge
2011.4-2020.3:  Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Home Economics / Junior College Division, Otsuma Women’s University
2010.4-2013.3:  Research Associate, Department of Musical Creativity and the Environment, Tokyo University of the Arts
2007.4-2008.3:  Teaching Assistant, Department of Musicology, Tokyo University of the Arts

Fields of Research Interests

Musicology; sound studies; cultural history; cultural tourism; genre studies; Japanese studies

Academic Publications
Book Chapters:
  • A Study on Auditory Elements in Cultural Films Shown in Colonial Taiwan. Mamie MISAWA (ed.) Films in Colonial Taiwan: Studies on Discovered Propaganda Films, University of Tokyo Press, pp.171-200, 2017.8
  • Apple Song / Japan World Exposition ’70. Tatsuya TONOSHITA (ed.) Music Culture after WWII, Seikyusha, pp.63-64/205-207, 2016.1
  • Cultural Maneuvering and Values about Music Genres in Manchuria during the Second Sino-Japanese War. BABA, Takeshi (ed.) The Sino-Japanese War from Multiple Perspectives: Friction of Politics, Economics, Military Affairs, Culture and Ethnic Groups, Shukosha, pp.175-196, 2015.5
Journal Articles:
  • The Ideologies of Pan-Asianism and Localism in Music Propaganda: Articles and Exhibitions on Wartime Music. JunCture (9), pp.60-72, 2018.3 (in Japanese)
  • Representation of “China” in New Revue Works during the Second Sino-Japanese War: Focusing on Takarazuka Revue. Studies in Dramatic Art (40), pp.87-101, 2017.3 (in Japanese)
  • Sound of Post-War Japan: Representation of “Japaneseness” through Music at Expo ‘70. Trans-Asia Popular Music Studies (1), pp,5-16, 2015.3 (in English)
  • Preparatory Study for Auditory Elements in Propaganda Films shown in Colonial Taiwan. Chinese Language and Culture (12), pp.48-66, 2015.3 (in Japanese)
  • Dancing All the Way to the War: Disciplinary Power in Exercising to Music in Early Modern Japan. Theatre and Film Studies (5), pp.65-80, 2012.3 (in English)
Other Interests

Trying new foods, joining in architectural tours, watching movies (especially Sci-Fi and musical films), playing with my cat, studying languages, designing posters and flyers

Affiliated Academic Organizations

The Society for Research in Asiatic Music
The Musicological Society of Japan
The Japanese Association for the Study of Popular Music


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