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KAKUI, Yasutaka


KAKUI, Yasutaka




Assistant Professor


Research Topic

Molecular basis on spatial chromatin organisation in meiosis

Oocyte aging is one of the crucial causes for infertility and birth defects. In meiosis, a process that produces oocytes or sperm, a faithful segregation of parental chromosomes is controlled by the spatial organisation of chromatin. With maternal aging, spatial chromatin organisation is thought to be impaired. My research focuses on the determination of spatial chromatin organisation during meiosis at the resolution of DNA sequence in order to understand the molecular basis of oocyte aging. My future goal is to contribute to fertility treatments through evidence based on the molecular mechanisms of oocyte aging.

Education and Academic Employment

2020 – Present:  Assistant Professor, Waseda Institute for Advanced Studies, Waseda University
2018 – 2020:  Project research scientist, The Francis Crick Institute
2012 – 2018:  Postdoctoral training fellow, Cancer Research UK
2014 – 2016:  Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research Abroad Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
2011 – 2012:  Postdoctoral fellow, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo
Ph.D.,  Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo (2011)
B.S., Chiba University (2005)

Fields of Research Interests

Chromosome, Chromatin organization, Meiosis, Oocyte aging, Cell cycle

Academic Publications
  • Y.Kakui, F.Uhlmann
    Efficient Depletion of Fission Yeast Condensin by Combined Transcriptional Repression and Auxin-Induced Degradation.
    Methods of Molecular Biology (2019)
  • S.Todd, P.Todd, JS.McGowan, JR.Hughes, Y.Kakui, FF.Leymarie, W.Latham, S.Taylor
    CSynth: A Dynamic Modelling and Visualisation Tool for 3D Chromatin Structure.
    bioRxiv (2019)
  • Y.Kakui*, F.Uhlmann* (co-corresponding author)
    SMC complexes orchestrate the mitotic chromatin interaction landscape.
    Current Genetics (2018)
  • Y.Kakui, A.Rabinowitz, D.Barry, F.Uhlmann
    Condensin-mediated remodeling of the mitotic chromatin landscape in fission yeast.
    Nature Genetics (2017)
  • Y.Kakui, F.Uhlmann
    Building chromosomes without bricks.
    Science (2017)
  • Y.Kakui*, M.Sato* (co-corresponding author)
    Differentiating the roles of microtubule-associated proteins at meiotic kinetochores during chromosome segregation.
    Chromosoma (2016)
  • Y.Kakui*, T.Sunaga, K.Arai, J.Dodgson, L.Ji, A.Csikász-Nagy, R.Carazo-Salas, M.Sato* (co-corresponding author)
    Module-based construction of plasmids for chromosomal integration of the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
    Open Biology (2015)
  • Y.Kakui, M.Sato, N.Okada, T.Toda, M.Yamamoto
    Microtubules and Alp7–Alp14 (TACC–TOG) reposition chromosomes before meiotic segregation.
    Nature Cell Biology (2013)
  • Y.Kakui, M.Sato, K.Tanaka, M.Yamamoto
    A novel fission yeast mei4 mutant that allows efficient synchronization of telomere dispersal and the first meiotic division.
    Yeast (2011)
  • K.Akama, T.Horikoshi, A.Sugiyama, S.Nakahata, A.Akitsu, N.Niwa, A.Intoh, Y.Kakui, M.Sugaya, K.Takei, N.Imaizumi, T.Sato, R.Matsumoto, H.Iwahashi, S.Kashiwabara, T.Baba, M.Nakamura, T.Toda
    Protein disulfide isomerase-P5, down-regulated in the final stage of boar epididymal sperm maturation, catalyzes disulfide formation to inhibit protein function in oxidative refolding of reduced denatured lysozyme.
    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (2010)
  • M.Sato, N.Okada, Y.Kakui, M.Yamamoto, M.Yoshida, T.Toda
    Nucleocytoplasmic transport of Alp7/TACC organizes spatiotemporal microtubule formation in fission yeast.
    EMBO reports (2009)
Other Interests

Affiliated Academic Organizations


DAJF bursary award for the 6th UK Japan Cell Cycle Workshop (2011)

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