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ANNAKA, Susumu


ANNAKA, Susumu


Ph.D.(Political Science)


Assistant Professor


Monthly Spotlight

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Quantitative Comparison of COVID-19 Measures in Japan and the Rest of the World — Analysis of the Relationship between Social Issues and Politics/Economics to Clarify the Impact of COVID-19 Measures on Life in Society

Research Topic

Political Economy on Social Problems

I try to analyze the main factor of social problems suffered by the poor with statistics and improve the situation

Education and Academic Employment

2008  B.A. in Social Sciences at Waseda University
2015  M.A. in Political Science at Waseda University
2018-2020  Fellow at the Japan Society for Promotion of Science
2020  Ph.D. in Political Science at Waseda University

Fields of Research Interests

Delinquent tax, Suicide, Selling daughters, Infant mortality, Undernourishment, Conscription, Quantitative easing, Consumption tax, War-crimes tribunal

Academic Publications
  • Delinquent Land Tax and Suicide during the Period of Matsukata Finance, Socio-Economic History, forthcoming
  • Political Regime and Undernourishment, Japanese Journal of Comparative Politics, No. 5 2019(pp.19 – 39)
  • Democratization and Human Development, WINPEC Working Paper Series No. E1712. Aug 2017
Other Interests

Dogs, Horses

Affiliated Academic Organizations

Socio-Economic History Society,
Political Economy & Economic History Society,
Japan Association for Comparative Politics,
Japanese Political Science Associations


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