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Reconsidering the modern history of Central Asia through the lens of the activities of a Kyrgyz chieftain family

Research Topic

The Historical Sociology Dynamics of Modern Central Asian States through Life Histories and Media Analysis

My research focuses on the Modern history of Central Asia (Central Eurasia). The goal of my research is to present a new modern history, an alternative to the evolving national historiography that has prevailed in Central Asia. Rather than simply analyzing the current conditions, it will dynamically and comprehensively reframe the formation of modern Central Asian states from a historical sociology perspective. Right now, I’m analyzing the activities of the former ruling class of Kyrgyz (Kirghiz) nomads through mass media analysis and life history methodologies. The time period covers around a century, from the Russian Revolution, through Soviet Russia, up to the present day. By analyzing how these leaders have been represented in newspapers, movies, plays, biographies, and other media, this research comprehensively examines the changing nature of both the nation and the state, including political, social, and cultural aspects.

Education and Academic Employment

2004-2010: Hokkaido University Graduate School of Letters for the Latter Period of the Doctoral Program on History and Area Studies’ Slavic-Eurasian Studies Course (Ph.D. March 2010)
2002-2004: Hokkaido University Graduate School of Letters for Master’s Degree Program on History and Area Studies’ Slavic-Eurasian Studies Course (M.A. March 2004)
1998-2002: Meiji University, School of Arts and Letters, Faculty of History and Geography (Western History) (B.A. March 2002)

[Academic Employment]

2019-: Associate Professor, Institute for Advanced Study, Waseda University
2018-2019: Researcher (Associate Professor) of the Organization for Islamic Area Studies (OIAS), Waseda University
2016-2018: Junior Researcher (Assistant Professor) of OIAS, Waseda University
2013-2016: Research Associate of OIAS, Waseda University
2010-2013: Postdoctoral Fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) (accepted at the University of Tokyo and Toyo Bunko)
2007-2008: Research Fellowship of JSPS for Doctoral Course Students
2005-2007: Japanese Overseas Fellowship of Heiwa Nakajima Foundation (accepted as a visiting fellow of the Institute of Oriental Studies named after Ramadan B. Suleimenova Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan)

Fields of Research Interests

The modern history of Central Asia (Central Eurasia), Nomadic groups and empire-nation state building

Academic Publications
  • Tetsu Akiyama, Yūboku Eiyū to Roshia Teikoku: Aru Kuruguzu Shuryō no Kiseki [Nomadic Hero and the Russian Empire: The Path of a Kyrgyz Leader] (Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press, 2016).
  • Tetsu Akiyama, “From Collaborator to a Symbol of Revolt against Russia: Socio-Political Conditions after the Death of a Kirghiz Chieftain at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century”, Journal of Islamic Area Studies, vol.11, pp.47-59, 2019.
  • Tetsu Akiyama, “Development of ‘Peasants-Kirgiz’ in Russian Central Asia: A Case Study on the Establishment of Mixed Settlements”, Journal of Islamic Area Studies, vol.10, pp.30-45, 2018.
  • Tetsu Akiyama, “Aspects of the Islamic Engagement of a Kyrgyz Tribal Chieftain in Russian Central Asia”, Journal of Islamic Area Studies, vol.9, pp.16-26, 2017.
    ・Tetsu Akiyama, “Why Was Russian Direct Rule over Kyrgyz Nomads Dependent on Tribal Chieftains “Manaps”?”, Cahiers du Monde russe, vol.56(4), pp.625-649, 2015.
  • Tetsu Akiyama, “Nomads Negotiating the Establishment of Russian Central Asia: Focusing on the Activities of the Kyrgyz Tribal Chieftains”, Memoirs of the Research Department of the Toyo Bunko, vol.71, pp. 141-160, 2013.
Other Interests

Affiliated Academic Organizations

The Japan Association for Central Asian Studies
Central Eurasian Studies Society


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