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Position and Affiliated Institution

Full Professor, University of Milan


Ph.D. in Political Science

Education and Academic Employment

2017-present    Full Professor, University of Milan
2013    Visiting Fellow, Stanford University
2011    Associate Professor, University of Milan
2005    Lecturer, University of Milan
2003    Ph.D. in Political Science, Sciences Po Paris and University of Florence

Research Topic

Public Opinion Processes and Resaerch Methods

Fields of Research Interests

Public Opinion
Electoral Behaviour
Political Communication
Prejudice and Politics
Experimental Methods
Digital Methods

Academic Publications
  • “Understanding a digital movement of opinion: the case of #RefugeesWelcome”. INFORMATION, COMMUNICATION & SOCIETY (with A. Michailidou & M. Airoldi), FirstView 08 December, 2017.
  • Social Media and European Politics : Rethinking Power and Legitimacy in the Digital Era (with A. Michailidou, Eds.), London and Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017
  • “The ‘new’ discourse of the Front National under Marine Le Pen: A slight change with a big impact” (with D. Stockemer), EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATION, 32(2), pp. 100-115, 2017
  • “Too Much an Out-Group? How Nonverbal Cues About Gender and Ethnicity Affect Candidate Support” (with S. Iyengar), JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL POLITICAL SCIENCE, 3(2), 140-151. 2015
  • “Debunking the Myth of a ‘Traditional’ Gender Gap in the Electoral Support for Silvio Berlusconi in Italy (1994-2013)”. ELECTORAL STUDIES, 36, pp. 117-128, 2014.
Affiliated Academic Organizations

ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research) Standing Groups on “Public Opinion and Voting Behaviour in a Comparative Perspective”; “Political Sociology”; “Gender and Politics”; “Internet and Politics”; “Political Psychology”; “Elites and Political Leadership”; “Southern European Politics”.

CERES (Consortium for European Research with Election Studies)

WAPOR (World Association for Public Opinion Research)


Other Interests



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