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Associate Professor


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Creating a Good Impression on Others: The Effects of Posture and Vocal Prosody on Impression Formation Miho Kitamura,  Associate Professor

Research Topic

Implicit and non-implicit effects of physical properties on communication

My research interests concern how implicit and explicit physical properties (e.g., posture, voice) modulate our communication process. We don’t pay attention these physical properties in our daily life. However, they play an important role for impression formation and making decision. They also modulate our internal state, and then these modulations change our communication again. I aim to understand the explicit and implicit aspects of this process using cognitive scientific approach.

Education and Academic Employment

2006 Ph.D., Department of Psychology, Graduate school of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University.
2006-2009 Research Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. (Tohoku Univresity)
2009-2011 Research Fellow, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo.
2011-2013 Research Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. (The Univresity of Tokyo)
2013-2015 Research Associate, NTT Communication Science Laboratories
2015-2017 Researcher, School of Fundamental Science and Engineering, Waseda University
2017- Associate Professor, Waseda Institute for Advanced Study, Waseda University

Fields of Research Interests

Cognitive Science, Emotion, Impression formation, Perception, Body

Academic Publications
  • Kitamura, M., Watanabe, K., & Kitagawa, N. (2016) Positive emotion facilitates audiovisual binding. Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, 9, 66.
  • Koizumi, A., Kitagawa, N., Kondo, H.M., Kitamura, S.M., & Kashino, M. (2013) Serotonin transporter gene-linked polymorphism affects detection of facial expression. PlosOne, 8, e59074.
  • Kondo, H., Kitagawa,N., Kitamura,M., Koizumi,A., Nomura,M., & Kashino, M. (2012) Separability and commonality of auditory and visual bistable perception. Cerebral Cortex, 22, 1915-1922.
  • Koizumi, A., Kitagawa, N., Kitamura, M., Kondo H., Sato. T., & Kashino, M. (2010) Serotonin transporter gene and inhibition of conflicting emotional information. NeuroReport, 21 (6), 422-426.
  • Kitamura, M., Kitagawa, N., Koizumi, A., & Kashino, M. (2009) The effect of moods on visual awareness The Japanese Journal of Psychonomic Science, 28 (1), 161-162.
  • Suzuki, M., Okamura, N., Kawachi, Y., Tashiro, M., Arao, H., Hoshishiba, T, Gyoba, J., & Yanai, K. (2008) Discrete cortical regions associated with the musical beauty of major and minor chords. Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience, 8, 126-131.
  • Suzuki, M., & Gyoba, J. (2008) Visual and tactile cross-modal mere exposure effects. Cognition & Emotion, 22, 147-154.
  • Suzuki, M., Gyoba, J. & Sakuta, Y., (2005) Multichannel NIRS analysis of brain activity during semantic differential rating of drawing stimuli containing different affective polarities. Neuroscience Letters, 375, 53-58.
Other Interests

Pilates, Playing Piano

Affiliated Academic Organizations

The Japanese Psychological Association, The Japanese Psychonomic Society


2003 Sato Aiko Academic Award
2005 JSCP Distinguished. Presentation Award
2006 Tohoku Univ. President’s Award
2008 The Japanese Psychonomic Society Presentation Award

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