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Ongoing Request for Suspension of Extracurricular and Student Club Activities Extended to August 1

April 14, 2020
Waseda University

Dear students,

As previously informed, all classes for the Spring 2020 semester which comprises of the spring and summer quarters will be conducted online due to the coronavirus outbreak. Following this and the declaration of state of emergency, the university has decided to extend the suspension period of the use of facilities at the Student Center for extracurricular activities to Saturday, August 1 (end of Spring 2020 semester).

Information regarding the moving in and out of items to and from the official student club rooms will be notified to you once the state of emergency is lifted. We will also be notifying you about administrative matters related to the formation and renewal of student clubs at a later time.

For information pertaining to office hours of the Student Affairs Section, Scholarships and Financial Assistance Section, Career Center, and Residence Center, please refer to their respective websites.

Please also note that suspension periods may be extended depending on circumstances. Please check for the latest information and announcements regularly on the university’s and Student Affairs Division’s websites.

In this difficult time, we would like to urge all students to stay at home and refrain from going out for non-essential reasons. This will not only protect yourself but will also help minimize the risks of your love ones and people around you from contracting the novel coronavirus.

Important Information (Last updated on April 14)

1.Precautionary Measures Against Coronavirus

・Stay at home and refrain from going out for non-essential reasons (e.g. meetups and social gatherings with friends, etc.)

・Avoid going to places with risks of becoming a coronavirus cluster (e.g. places with poor ventilation, places with a dense crowd of people, etc.)

・Refrain from participating in outside classroom activities on and off-campus (e.g. welcome party for new club members, etc.)

・Take basic precautions to protect yourself (e.g. wearing a mask when outside, washing your hands thoroughly, etc.)

・Practice social distancing (i.e. keeping a distance from and avoiding contact with others)

2.Facilities Under Suspension

・Seminar Houses (Karuizawa, Matsuhiro, Sugadaira, Izukanawa, Kamogawa, Honjo)

・Student Center (except Student Affairs Section, Scholarships and Financial Assistance Section, Career Center, and Residence Center)

・Drama-kan Theatre

・Waseda Arena (Multipurpose sports hall)

・Okuma Garden Hall

3.Related Websites

・University Response to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

・Announcement on Start Date of Classes and Other Administrative Matters for Spring 2020 Semester (Posted April 1, 2020)

・Campus Closure from April 8 to 21 Due to Remote Work & Research (Posted April 6, 2020)

・Suspension Period of Student Center Extended to May 10, 2020 (Posted April 2, 2020)

・Latest Updates on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

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