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Attention, Students!

All regular students can vote in upcoming University Presidential Election

The term of office of Waseda University President Kaoru Kamata will end on November 4, and an election is going to be held to select a new president to lead the University. The names of candidates running for president will be announced on May 10, and the actual election taking place on June 14. All regular students (i.e. non-exchange students registered in an undergraduate or graduate degree program) regardless of nationality can play a part by voting in the upcoming presidential election. For more information about the election, please see below.

About the president of Waseda University

Unlike many other universities in Japan and around the world, the president of Waseda University serves both the roles of a principal and chairman of the University’s board of directors. Additionally, the president will also represent over 62,000 members of the University’s alumni associations and be the head of all private universities across Japan. The president has to be a highly educated individual with a clear vision for the future of Waseda University and possesses the capabilities to lead and constantly initiate necessary reforms that meet the needs of society.

An elected president will serve a term of four years and may be re-elected only once, serving two terms of eight years at maximum. The incoming president will assume position this year on November 5 to November 4, 2022.

About voting procedures

The presidential election is a tradition that started 136 years ago. To order to select the best candidate, the votes will be collected from both internal and external personnel. The election will be divided into three phases and regular students are allowed and encouraged to participate in the second phase, i.e. the vote of confidence phase.

The three phases of Waseda University’s presidential election

About vote of confidence by students

Only non-exchange regular students registered in an undergraduate or graduate degree program have the rights to vote in the presidential election. Each participating student voter will vote on MyWaseda by indicating their trusts in phase 2 for all candidates standing for election. Any candidate who fails to receive confidence vote from at least half of the total number students will be disqualified for phase three. In phase three, Waseda University’s staff with tenure, professors as well as other concerned personnel will vote in the final balloting and the candidate with the most number of votes will become the next president of the University.

Important Dates for Waseda University Presidential Election 2018
  • May 10 (Thur) – List of candidates standing for election will be announced.
  • May 17 (Thur) – Instructions for voting procedures will be posted on MyWaseda.
  • May 22 to 23 (Tue to Wed) – Participating students will vote their trust for each and every candidate on MyWaseda.
  • May 25 (Thur) – Results of student voting will be out and only qualified candidates can proceed to the last phase of balloting.
  • June 14 (Thu) – Final presidential balloting will take place.
Contact us

If you have any questions about the election, please contact the Waseda University Presidential Election Management Committee Office.

Personnel in-charge: Kuboyama, Matsuhashi, Yamate

Contact Number: 03-5273-9650

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