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Waseda Volunteer Projects (WaVoPro)Waseda Volunteer Projects, newly launched in April 2017, are to be let by WAVOC faculty members leveraging their expertise. They will not only contribute to their project sites but also encourage the students to take the initiative while working on the project and support their growth.

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Waseda Hunting Club

Rural areas in Japan are seeking for human resources to participate in hunting. Wild boars and other creatures have become destructive animals damaging crops. Students and the instructor will reflect on not only the meaning of cultivating crops but also that of self-providing meat, and take action together.

Yukino IWAI icon_place01      Japan/Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture

Paralympics Leader Project

In anticipation of the Tokyo Paralympic Games, we shall support the sports activities of people living with “disabilities”. We aim to realize a society in which everybody can be who he/she is.

Chika HYODO icon_place01   Japan/Tokyo(mainly)

Act, theatre project to be supportive

Receive the life of someone you have met. Pass it on to somebody. Untangle the root of misunderstanding, conflict and discrimination between and among people. Trough acting, you shall become the mediator to change the story.

Yukari ISHINO icon_place01         Japan/Hachioji, Tokyo etc

Bridge – Rights of the Child

Enter the field using your five senses; think about the future through education, together with the vigorous children in underdeveloped countries, to protect their smiles.

 Yuko SHIMAZAKI icon_place01          Cambodia

Ama Bhutan Project

Learn issues and measures in Ama-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane Prefecture, which is known for its various “challenge cases” for regional revitalization. Through applying and implementing them, we aim to create a stir in regional Problems in Bhutan.

Takehiro HIRAYAMA icon_place02icon_place01        Japan/ Ama-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane Prefecture


Projects Officially Certified by WAVOCCurrently 16 projects are being implemented domestically and internationally through the collaboration among students, local counterparts, staff of the university and alumni.

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The Forest of Shii (Speculation)

Tree-planting and agricultural community exchange carried out at four camps a year.

icon_class01 environment icon_place02       Japan [email protected]
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Nogakujuku Student NPO

Focusing on cultivating rice at the “Waseden” rice paddy in Okuma Garden, Waseda University.

icon_class02    agriculture icon_place02        Japan [email protected]
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Study For Two student-led social innovation organization, Waseda Branch

We recycle and sell unwanted textbooks in order to support education in Laos.

icon_class04       education icon_place01       Japan [email protected]


Activities focus on playing and studying with Vietnamese children using accessible things, under the principle of “playing and studying – fun for the children”.

icon_class04       education icon_place01   Vietnam [email protected]

Borneo Project

The Borneo Project is a student volunteer group made up of mainly Waseda University students.

icon_class03     interaction icon_place01  Malaysia [email protected]
Human Rights
No Project Field Location Contact


Statelessness Network Youth(Suteneto Youth)

We wish if more people became aware of statelessness. That desire drives us to organize and hold various events.

icon_class05        human rights icon_place01     Japan [email protected]
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Doors, Japan-Vietnam Exchange Project

Interacting with Vietnamese primary school pupils under the principle of “mutual growth through mutual understanding”.


icon_class04  education

icon_place01    overseas [email protected]

Refugee Interaction Project

Mingle with refugees residing in Japan through futsal. Try to raise awareness through collecting clothes and cooking.

icon_class03interactionicon_class04       human rights icon_place01         Japan  [email protected]

Japan-Korea Future Project

We offer study groups learning Korean and Lectures on Hangul. In summer, we take part in volunteering and study tours with Korean exchange students.

icon_class03interaction icon_place01icon_place01Japan

Republic of Korea

 [email protected]

Japan-Rwanda Youth Cooperation

Although members range from 1 st year students to graduate students, everyone shows their individuality in their particular area of expertise regardless of year or experience.

icon_class03interactionicon_class05       human rights icon_place02icon_place01Japan


  [email protected]

Matsudai-Waseda Jonnobi Club

Our activities are aimed at the revitalization of the village of Kamo in the Matsudai district of Tokamachi, Niigata Prefecture.

icon_class03interactionicon_class02agriculture icon_place02         Japan   [email protected]


We are active in Hatomajima, an isolated island in Okinawa Prefecture, having “revitalizing the island through exchange” as our theme.

icon_class03interaction icon_place02         Japan [email protected]


Community Planning
No Project Field Location Contact

Atom (Astroboy) Currency Project

In local stores, universities, along the roadside, and recently even in newspapers and television, you can hear the term Atom Currency.

icon_class07 Community Planning icon_place01        Japan [email protected]

Igube Oguni

In order to maintain the relationship between Tokyo and Ogunimachi, Yamagata Prefecture, we engage in regional development from our particular perspective as students.

icon_class07 Community Planning icon_place01        Japan [email protected]


Taking action with the aim of turning Waseda into a fair trade town!

icon_class07 Community Planning icon_place01        Japan [email protected]


Continually visiting one town and helping with the reconstruction efforts by offering residents mental support so that they can rebuild by their own initiative.

icon_class07 Community Planning icon_place02        Japan   [email protected]


Projects to Support Reconstruction after the Great East Japan EarthquakeThese are projects implementing activities to support the reconstruction of areas hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

No Project Field Location Contact

Tokyo Brunch (student team)

Things that can be done even though we are in Tokyo. Things that can be thanks to being in Tokyo. We are an organization that conducts activities to support the reconstruction after the great East Japan Earthquake while based in Tokyo.

icon_place01     Japan [email protected]

Team Rikuzentakata

Conducts reconstruction activities in collaboration with local NPOs, volunteer centers, etc. in the form of learning support and agricultural support in temporary housing areas.

icon_class04    education

icon_class02 agriculture

icon_place01     Japan [email protected]

Sanriku Tsubaki

Our field is Maehama community in Motoyoshi-cho, Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture. we work on reviving the unique local forest through planting trees with a focus on Tsubaki. (Japanese camellia)

icon_class01environment icon_place01     Japan 080-6175-7065


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