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Conclusion of the Pre-Games Training Camp for the IOC Refugee Olympic Team

On July 27 the pre-Games training camp for the IOC Refugee Olympic Team concluded, and IOC Refugee Olympic Team Deputy Chef de Mission Olivier Niamkey met with Executive Vice President for Olympic and Paralympic Projects Promotion Section Onzo Naoto.

Executive Vice President Onzo said, “We are pleased that we were able to successfully conduct the pre-Games training camp despite a variety of COVID-19 related restrictions,” and, referencing the contributions of well-known Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara who studied at Waseda University and later went on to help many Jewish refugees, Executive Vice President Onzo added that “I am confident that this pre-Games training camp will be inscribed in the history of Waseda University.”

Olivier Niamkey thanked Waseda University for hosting the pre-Games training camp, said that he wanted to continue cooperation between Waseda University and the International Olympic Committee, and, in commemoration of the pre-Games training camp, presented Waseda University with a poster that was signed by every member of the IOC Refugee Olympic Team.

The pre-Games training camp ended on July 27, but Waseda University will continue to support the IOC Refugee Olympic Team.


Additionally, taking this pre-Games training camp as an opportunity, Waseda University will consider further cooperation and exchanges with the International Olympic Committee and with the IOC Refugee Olympic Team, and will strive to promote an understanding of refugee issues to Waseda University students and faculty members.


【Photos of practices at the pre-Games training camp】

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