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School of Sport Sciences Third-Year Hitomi Hatakeda Informally Selected to Represent Japan in Gymnastics at Tokyo 2020!

Hitomi Hatakeda (affiliated with Central Sports Co., Ltd.), a third-year student at the Waseda University School of Sport Sciences, has been informally selected to represent Japan in gymnastics at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Hatakeda participated in the NHK Cup Women’s Individual All-Around event held on May 15, which also served as an event to select the representative for gymnastics at Tokyo 2020. Together with the points she scored at the All Japan Championship held in April, she finished second with a total of 166.196 points, deciding her first Olympics appearance.

Hitomi Hatakeda’s floor routine at the Big Hat sports arena in Nagano City, which finished second at the Women’s Individual All-Around and decided her appearance at Tokyo 2020 (Kyodo News)


Hitomi Hatakeda:

Born in Tokyo in 2000, she entered the Waseda University School of Sport Sciences in 2019. Her father is Yoshiaki Hatakeda, a men’s bronze medalist at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. She participated in the 2018/2019 World Gymnastics Championships as the Japanese women’s representative and won four events, including individual and group, at the 2019 FISU World University Games.

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