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VIVASEDA Introduces the Facilities at the Italian Olympic Team’s Pre-Games Training Camp through Video!

From July 2021, the Italian Olympic Team will hold a pre-Games training camp for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at Waseda University’s Tokorozawa Campus. VIVASEDA went to the Tokorozawa Campus to learn more about the training camp and created a video that introduces the facilities that will be used by the Italian Olympic Team.

Click image to watch the video.


(Comments from participating team members)

Four VIVASEDA members participated in shooting the video, and even shot in cooperation while using a 360-degree camera. The Tokorozawa Konpeki Dormitory is fully equipped with spacious private rooms, a bathhouse where you can alternate between hot and cold baths, and an open dining room; it’s exciting just to look at the facilities!


VIVASEDA members also oversaw the video editing and the narration. In jointly creating the video while working remotely, they were finally able to complete it after working out the details, such as the time for introducing each facility and matching the narration audio to the video’s length. Without a doubt, you will be amazed at the level of the facilities. Please take a look!

*This video will be sent with English subtitles to the Italian Olympic Team.

Shooting video of the Aqua Arena

Tokorozawa Konpeki Dormitory


VIVASEDA members involved in shooting and editing the video

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