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Sailor Ibuki Koizumi set to represent Japan at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Sailing champion Ibuki Koizumi (School of Human Sciences internet degree program) has secured his place at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the 49er class.


Racing in the 49er World Championship held from February 9-15 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia together with teammate Leo Takahashi (Auckland University), they came 33rd. This met the criteria for competing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


49er racing is a particularly challenging category, requiring high-level sailing skills due to the average speed of 11 knots (more than 20km/h) and the difficulty of handling the yachts. Nations renowned in 49er racing are Australia, Spain, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Japan’s high-water mark in the event to date was at the Beijing Olympics where it came in 12th place.

Koizumi (left) racing in the Men’s 420 event at the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, Korea (Kyodo News)

Koizumi is the third Waseda student or alumni to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Let’s cheer him on to put in a top performance at the Olympics.

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