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Fencing: Koki Kano (4th year student of Sport Sciences) takes bronze representing the Japan Men’s Epee team

The Fencing Club’s Koki Kano (4th year student of Sport Sciences) competed at the Fencing World Cup in Vancouver, Canada on February 9. Dueling for the Japan Men’s Epee team, he contributed to their winning the bronze medal.

Kano in vigorous combat with French champion

Team Japan erupts in delight at victory

In the playoff for third place, Japan overcame world no.1 powerhouse France to take the bronze. This is the first World Cup medal for the Japan team since the Buenos Aires, Argentina tournament in March last year.

The Men’s Epee team with their bronze medals. Kano is second from right.

On to the final qualifiers in Buenos Aires

Coming soon in March, the Japan team will have its last chance to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in its happy hunting ground, Buenos Aires with the spirit of Waseda in their hearts and the Japanese hinomaru on their chests. Please support the fencing team and Koki Kano as they take on the world.

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