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Students took part in the Olympic Broadcasting Services Training Program!

Under clear blue skies on Monday, November 18, about 30 students, including some from Waseda University, gathered at the Higashi-fushimi Campus to take part in the Broadcast Training Programme (BTP) organized by the Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS).

OBS is an official media organization established by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that provides video, audio, and information of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to media outlets around the world. Students who have completed the training program will be given the opportunity to work as members during the Olympics at facilities such as competition venues and the International Broadcasting Center in Ariake.

On this day, a session was held for members assigned to Venue Operations. The 30 students were divided into four groups and practiced camera work and organizing cables that connect to media equipment. The instructors were five professionals from Canada, Australia, the United States, and Spain who specialize in media. The training was conducted in English, and the students eagerly listening to the instructors’ directions.

More than 600 university students from Waseda University have participated in this training program in total. Students who have taken the program speak enthusiastically about it, saying that they want to use it to improve their communication and management skills, acquire technical media skills, and grow personally by working with people from other cultures.

These students are working hard to ensure a successful broadcast in advance of the Olympics in 2020!

Photos of the program

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