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Momoka Muraoka and Miyabi Onitsuka receive a special mention award from Tokorozawa City

A special mention award ceremony was held on Tuesday, April 24 at the Tokorozawa City Hall.

Momoka Muraoka, a student on our Tokorozawa campus (4th year at the School of Sport Sciences, ski club member at Waseda University) was presented a special mention award by Masato Fujimoto, Mayor of Tokorozawa City, for her remarkable accomplishment of winning a total of five medals of gold, silver, and bronze at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games.


Miyabi Onitsuka, a student on the same campus (2nd year at the School of Sport Sciences, ski club member at Hoshino Resorts, Inc.) was also presented a special mention award for her outstanding performance at the Games that has given hopes and dreams to the Tokorozawa citizen.


To the question about their plans moving forward, they each replied as follows:

Muraoka: “By adjusting physical conditions, I would like to be ready to compete with confidence in the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games to be in four years.”

Onitsuka: “I plan to rebuild fundamentals for games.”


We would be grateful for your warm support of Muraoka, Onitsuka, and other Waseda University athletes.

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