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Alumnus Akito Watabe wins Nordic Combined World Cup

The Nordic combined individual 20th competition was held in Klingenthal, Germany on Sunday, March 18. Akito Watabe, 2011 graduate of the School of Sport Sciences, finished third in a World Cup event enough to earn him his first overall title.

Akito Watabe spurts during the latter part of the cross-country skiing leg. He becomes the first Japanese in 23 seasons to win the World Cup overall title in the individual match.–Klingenthal (Kyodo)

Akito Watabe finishes third in a World Cup event. He becomes the first Japanese that wins the World Cup overall title in 23 seasons.–Klingenthal (Kyodo)

Akito Watabe becomes the second Japanese to win the overall season title in 23 seasons after Kenji Ogiwara, who graduated from the School of Human Sciences, Waseda University in 1992.

Akito Watabe indulged in joy with a Japanese flag in his hand. He clinches his first World Cup overall title after finishing third in the 20th competition of the World Cup individual.–March 18, Klingenthal (Kyodo)

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