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Volunteer Activities

Volunteer Activities for Tokyo 2020

— Volunteers on Campus —

  • Italian Olympic team pre-camp at Tokorozawa Campus : Recruiting starts from November 20, 2019


— Internship programs —

① Media related position ・・・BTP(Broadcasting Training Programme)  By OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services)

【For more details】https://waseda.box.com/shared/static/xf05jxqfke89xfivrd6a6d66efnwr74j.pdf

As shown on P21, mail registration has already started. Only registered students will receive details about BTP official application.

② Sale of goods related postion・・・By ASICS

[For more details] Please see Japanese site. https://www.waseda.jp/inst/tokyo/prepare/volunteer/recruit

③ VIP guest Hospitality position・・・ By JTB (Japan Travel Bureau) Global Marketing

  • Application closed

④ Media Assistant Postion ・・・By NBC (National Broadcasting Company)

[For more details] https://waseda.box.com/s/g16dpvlqayndugh78qfdm9ytyl4ypvlu

⑤ Interpreter postion・・・By ASICS

[For more details] Please see Japanese site. https://www.waseda.jp/inst/tokyo/prepare/volunteer/recruit/

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