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For the 2020 Tokyo Games


Waseda University has produced many Olympic and Paralympic athletes and will strive to develop more athletes to appear at the 2020 Tokyo Games. Also, our regular students and foreign exchange students could take the chance offered by these Olympics to get even more involved in volunteer activities, thereby building up valuable experience that cannot be learned in the classroom, experience that we hope will lead to further progress in their understanding of foreign culture, diversity, the disabled, and so on.

Having Waseda University’s sports facilities used as official practice grounds and preparation camps for various countries’ teams will enable our students to build relations with Olympians and Paralympians, which will be a great experience for students and athletes alike as well as an excellent opportunity to boost our University’s global presence.

But rather than view the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics as our final goal, it is important that we continue our various initiatives after the Games are over, in doing so passing the benefits back to our stakeholders inside and outside the University.

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