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Executive Vice President for Olympic and Paralympic Projects Promotion Section/ Professor, School of Commerce
Onzo Naoto

The Tokyo 2020 Games are not only a place where students and graduates of our university will play an active role as athletes; they are also a valuable opportunity for students to volunteer. Activities such as volunteering will allow them to learn about cross-cultural understanding, promotion of diversity, and understanding of disabilities as they interact with diverse people.

In October 2016, the university established an Olympic and Paralympic Projects Promotion Section in preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Games. The section will implement various projects under the dual themes of “Enhancing Waseda University’s International Presence” and “Building an Olympic and Paralympic Legacy.” Initiatives will include education on the Olympics and Paralympics, rejuvenated volunteer activities, the provision of athletic facilities, support for athletes, and academic and cultural exchange events.

The Tokyo 2020 Games are now less than a year away. Preparations are well underway to provide use of our facilities, such as by hosting the Italian national team pre-camp at our Tokorozawa Campus and having our students be involved in various volunteer opportunities. The Tokyo 2020 Games provide an opportunity for Waseda to become a shining example on the world stage. Having the Games in Japan also provides an opportunity to further develop education and research at Waseda University by utilizing the experience gained.

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