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Vice President for Promotion of Sports and Olympic/Paralympic Projects

Hidenori Tomozoe


The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games taking place next year are not only a sporting competition but a momentous opportunity to consider international goodwill and world peace, and for students to demonstrate leadership for the future of the world. Waseda University, which has contributed in various ways to the history of the Japanese sporting world thus far, hopes to continue the tradition by contributing to the success of the 2020 Games and to the event’s legacy thereafter.

Looking back at the Tokyo 1964 Games, the final torchbearer in the Olympic Torch Relay was Yoshinori Sakai, a member of our university’s Track and Field Club. During the fencing competition, the hall where Waseda Arena now stands was used as the match venue. In this regard, the university has contributed to the legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in both tangible and intangible ways.

In these Games, my hope is that the university can exemplify behavior that accords with the Olympic mindset and show this to the world not only through competitiveness wherein students and alumni participate as athletes to demonstrate their true strength, but also through a wide range of activities such as providing facilities to a multi-national sports federation and student participation as “Games Volunteers,” “City Volunteers,” and “On-Campus Pre-Games Training Camp Volunteers.”

In the short time before the Tokyo 2020 Games, we aim to inherit the mindset of our predecessors from the previous Games and apply the philosophy of “Good Citizenship” to sports to achieve wonderful results.


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