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Instructions for (spring, Golden Week, summer, and winter) breaks

Now that we are getting ready for the break, we assume that students are planning various activities. While students promote activities under their own responsibilities in principle, please be remember the following points.

0. Measures against infectious diseases, such as influenza, including COVID-19 measures

Considering that many people catch a cold and influenza around this time of year, it is important that we take measures against infectious diseases, such as practicing coughing etiquette and washing hands. Be vigilant and manage your health by thoroughly practicing measures such as washing hands with soap (most effective), being sure not to deteriorate your resistance (for example, by living a well-ordered life, avoiding overeating/overdrinking and sleeping too little), avoiding going to crowded places as much as possible, and wearing a mask, etc. as necessary (while a mask cannot block viruses, it can prevent contaminated hands from touching your mouth and nose).

Regarding COVID-19-related pneumonia, as it has been reported on a daily basis, the infection has been spreading inside and outside of Japan. The situation changes every day, so obtain the latest accurate information from reliable sources, such as the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website. In addition, consider the current situation in which anyone can become infected, and avoid discrimination based on travel history or the home region of others. Speak and act in a way that is suitable for Waseda University students without being affected by rumors, and practice appropriate infection prevention measures.


1. Precautions when going abroad

When you go abroad, please check the latest safety information about your destination on the overseas safety website by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and confirm the application of Overseas Travel Insurance, etc. before traveling.

2.Manners in public places - Act with dignity that will cause others to say “They are indeed Waseda University students” -

Mind your manners in public places, such as public streets and stations and always remember not to become a nuisance to others. In addition, avoid parking large buses, which are used for circle camps, etc., near the university (such as in front of the Okuma Auditorium and on Sodai-dori Street).

3. Be very careful and mindful of others when drinking!

Underage drinking is prohibited by the law. Therefore, underage drinking even at a circle camp or seminar camp party is never acceptable. Never force ikki-nomi (chugging your entire drink in one gulp) drinking or voluntarily drink excessively. If you witness something like that, be sure that the people around you stop this kind of behavior. If someone passes out from drinking, be sure not to take your eyes off of that person. Furthermore, if the person is sleeping while snoring loudly/unconscious or does not react when you shake/pinch them, etc., immediately call an ambulance.

In addition, any accident caused by drinking shall not fall within the scope of the Waseda University Student Compensation System (Compensation for Disability) (hereinafter referred to as “Student Compensation System (Compensation for Disability)”).

4. Never use illegal drugs or "kiken" (dangerous) drugs!

Never possess, sell, or use illegal drugs or “kiken” (dangerous) drugs.

5. Try to use SNS and internet services in an appropriate manner!

Information transmission has become easy, thanks to utilization of SNS (social networking services), such as Twitter and Facebook, and various internet services, such as LINE and YouTube. However, there have been a number of reports on cases in which careless information transmissions have turned into social issues. When you post videos, etc. of circle parties or students having fun together, it may cause viewers to misunderstand things or make accusations. We ask our students to properly use such services to avoid these incidents.

6. Be careful when driving (motorcycle/car)!

Be careful when driving (motorcycles/cars). When someone who isn’t used to driving on a regular basis drives, accidents are especially prone to happen. Therefore, the driver must be extra careful.

7. Submit the “Notification Form for Activities held Off-Campus (including camp/tour)” at least 7 days before the departure

If an official circle promote activities, such as a camp/tour, in facilities off campus, the circle must submit the “Notification Form for Activities held Off-Campus (including camp/tour)” to the Student Affairs Section at least 7 days before the departure.
Unless you had submitted the “Notification Form for Activities held Off-Campus (including camp/tour)” 7 days before the departure, you won’t be able to receive instructions from the university in a swift and appropriate manner regarding the response to the accident or receive the Student Compensation System (Compensation for Disability) in case of an accident during a camp. Also be sure to organize the list of contact information for the parents/guardians of all participants before the departure in case of emergency.

8. Purchase voluntary insurance in accordance with the nature of your activity

Purchase insurance that is relevant to the activity in accordance with the nature of the activity of each circle. If you plan to promote activities outside of the scope of the purchased voluntary insurance, obtain the agreement of the guarantors and collect written consent from the participants.

*In extracurricular activities, the Student Compensation System (Compensation for Disability) is only applicable to Waseda University students and activities by official circles/sport clubs for which the application was submitted in advance.

*Below are private voluntary insurance examples for your reference.

They are not types of insurance provided by Waseda University. Please refer to the below websites for details, such as the conditions of purchase.

Emergency contact information

Student Affairs Section, Student Affairs Division (Emergency Contact Information “Gakusei Seikatsu 110”)

TEL: 03-3202-0706

Waseda campus side gate reception

During the evening/holidays, Saturdays during summer/winter breaks, university-wide breaks, and in case the above number cannot be connected


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