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Creating Academic Excellence in the Asia-Pacific Region Together

Waseda University is currently promoting exchange of students and scholars, based on academic agreements with outstanding institutions around the world.

We are focused on expanding our overseas activities geared towards the “co-creation of academic excellence in the Asia-Pacific region” in order to strengthen Waseda’s presence in Asia and establish collaborative relationships with leading universities in Asia.

The Waseda Singapore Office was founded in 2004 as part of these activities and serves as an “Overseas Branch Office” in Southeast Asia.

Missions of the Singapore Office

Support for Research and Education

The Singapore Office provides support services for affiliated institutions in Singapore, such as the WASEDA Bioscience Research Institute in Singapore (WABIOS), the Waseda Shibuya Senior High School in Singapore, and manages the Singapore portion of the Waseda-Nanyang Double MBA Program (joint program with the Nanyang Technological University).

Promotional Activities for the University

Conducting recruitment of foreign students in Southeast Asian countries is an important mission for the Singapore Office. As one of the junctions between Waseda University and countries in Southeast Asia, the office undertakes supportive activities regarding admission to Waseda. The office also provides assistance for information sessions, as well as conducts promotional activities across the region. Furthermore, through participation in study abroad fairs, information sessions, and other events, the Singapore Office plays an important role in the promotion of Waseda University.

Supporting Visitors and Alumni from Waseda

The office provides support services to Waseda students and faculty during their stay in Singapore. In addition, the office provides administrative support to the Singapore Tomonkai (Waseda University Alumni Association) to strengthen our alumni networks in Singapore.

Support for the Waseda Community


  • Emergency support
  • Scheduling and accompanying Waseda faculty on visits to institutions in Singapore
  • Support for joint education and research projects with local institutions
  • Scheduling meetings with local alumni and related companies
  • Provision of facilities at the High School*


  • Emergency support
  • Scheduling opportunities for exchange with local alumni
  • Exchange program support by offering facilities (accommodations and classrooms)
  • Local academic programs management


  • Administrative support for the Singapore Tomonkai (Waseda University Alumni Association)
  • Support for the Singapore Tomonkai Japan Branch

*Available facilities: meeting room (100 seating capacity), TV meeting system, library (more than 30,000 Japanese books)

Support for Visitors & Other Activities


  • Provision of information about the Singapore education system
  • Introduction to the Waseda Shibuya Senior High School in Singapore


  • PR activities, relevant data collection
  • Entrance exams operation in Singapore
  • Contacting potential partner institutions
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