09:00~10:00 Organizers’ Panel @26-1101

Chair: Prof.Kyungmook Kim, Waseda University
Panelists: Prof.Changzoo Song, The Auckland University
Prof.Kohei Kawabata, Tsuda University
Prof.Rika Lee, Chuo University
Prof.Tae-sik Kim, Masaryk University
Prof.Woong-ki Kim, Hong-ik University

10:00~10:30 Registration and Opening Ceremony @26-1102

10:30~12:30 Session A @26-1102

A1 Eline Delmarcelle, Waseda University
– The New Japanese: Identifination and naturalization strategies of foreign residents in Japan
A2 Kunisuke Hirano, University of Michigan
– The (Im)Possibility of New Education? Hope, Disappointment, and Uncertainty in a Newly-Built Korean International School in Japan
Chair/discussant: Prof.Kohei Kawabata
Discussants: Prof.Woong-ki Kim, Prof.Rika Lee and Prof.Changzoo Song

12:30~14:00 Lunch Break

14:30~15:40 Special Lectures @26-1102

Mini Lecture1 Prof. Changzoo Song, The Auckland University
– Zainichi Koreans and Horumon Culture
Mini Lecture2 Prof. Tae-sil Kim, Masaryk University
– Two Diasporic Spaces of Vietnamese in the Czech Republic:
Grocery Stores and Social Media

16:00~17:30 Roundtable Forum @26-1102

Towards transnational Asian Studies in the 21st Century: How the national/ area
studies must change to transnational/ transborder studies?
Chair: Prof.Kyungmook Kim
Panelists: Prof. Changzoo Song, Prof. Kohei Kawanbata, Prof. Rika Lee,
Prof. Tae-sik Kim and Prof. Woong-ki Kim

18:00~20:30 Reception Party



09:20~10:00 Morning Tea/Coffee Party @26-1102

10:00~12:30 Session B @26-1101

B1 Nguyen Thuy Hang, Waseda University
– Pathways to Japan: Professional Mobility of Vietnamese IT Professionals in the last decade
B2 Alexander Brown, Japan Women’s University/ University of Technology Sydney
– Transnational Activism and Japanese Identity in Northern Australia
Chair/discussant: Prof. Tae-sik Kim
Discussant: Prof. Kohei Kawabata

10:00~12:30 Session C @26-1102

C1 Frank Zhao, Waseda University
– The Integration Between New Chinese Immigrants and Indigenous Ethnic Chinese
in Thailand: Observation, Comparison and Analysis of Local Ethnic Chinese and New Chinese Immigrants in Phitsanulok along the Multi-Ethnic Area
C2 Yuki Tsuruzono, Waseda University
– The Alien Registration and the Chinese residents in Japan: Japanese Governments migration control policy in the occupied era (1947-1951)
C3 Safa Choi, Waseda University
– How Japan Accepted Remittances from North Korea: The Role of the Japanese Red Cross
Chair/discussant: Prof. Woong-ki Kim
Discussant: Prof. Changzoo Song

10:00~12:30 Session D @26-1103

D1 Jongsoo An, Hanyang University
– Identity Movement of Zainichi Youths- Ikuno-ku, Osaka Case
D2 Satoko Yang-Nagayama, Hitotsubashi University
– A study on the resistance to discrimination and the possibility of solidarity of Zainichi Korean women
D3 Kang-ryol Chung, PhD student, Hitotsubashi University
– A study on the bifurcation of socio-economic status of Zainichi Korean:From discussions on the economic assimilation and the polarization
Chair/discussant: Prof: Rika Lee
Discussant: Prof. Kyungmook Kim

14:00~16:00 Wrap-up/ Organizers’ Panel @26-1101

Chair: Prof. Woong-ki Kim
Panelists: Prof. Changzoo Song, Prof. Kohei Kawabata, Prof. Kyungmook Kim,
Prof. Rika Lee and Prof. Tae-sik Kim