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Floor Directory

1F Lifelong learning facilities and a store

A place for interaction with the local community

An automatic security door is installed at the 1st floor entrance and the front desk conducts 24-hour security and facility maintenance, ensuring safety and security for the whole building. There is also a convenience store on this floor with plenty of eat-in space. In the Interactive Space for Local Community, diverse programs aimed at the local community are conducted, especially extension courses run by the Waseda University Extension Center, the University’s lifelong learning institute.

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2F Common facilities and rooms for residents

The place to learn and live together

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On the 2nd floor high-quality facilities are shared by all residents including multi-purpose rooms for SI Programs, a lounge lobby,
sound-proofed music rooms, a fitness room, and separate men’s and women’s Japanese-style bathrooms.
The House Master’s Room and the Nakano Branch of the Residence Life Center are also on this floor to help make life in the dormitory pleasant and safe for residents.
(Part of the 2nd floor contains residential units.)

3-11F Dormitory facilities, Rooms (Male / Female)


Shower room

Student living areas are located from the 3rd to 11th floors. Separate security elevators access the men-only floors and women-only floors. Each unit is for four residents who have a single bedroom eachand share a living room, enabling them to interact and forge international friendships while having their own rooms. Each floor has a community kitchen, shower, and laundry room that are available 24 hours. Sinks, showers etc. are cleaned by cleaning staff.

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Basement floor

Parking lots for bicycles (for residents and for general use) and coin-operated parking lots will be located.

All single bedroomsStudents can enter the dormitory with just a suitcase holding their personal belongings

Dormitory rooms are all single bedrooms. Each bedroom is fully equipped with basic facilities, such as a bed(*1), an Air Conditioner, a chair, a 2-door refrigerator and so on. That enables students to bring a suitcase and start their student life right away. Normally, each residential unit houses four students who share one living room(*2). After moving in WISH, residents will attend a meeting called “unit session”, where residents living in the same unit discuss and set rules for their dormitory life. Residents will set rules; time when they can enjoy music, or can talk on a cell phone in the single room or the living room, frequency of vacuuming the living room, or Air Conditioner temperature and so on. Living with someone who grew up in different environments, attending SI programs, and communicating with other residents on a daily basis, residents can build a global network.

  • *1 :Futon, sheets and pillows must be bought in by the resident or rented from rental service (Rental service will be announced before moving in).
  • *2 :Some units house two or three residents.

Fully Equipped FacilitiesWide-ranging communal facilities make WISH the first student dormitory of its kind in Japan

WISH provides residents space for interaction: all-purpose room to conduct the SI Programs, student lounge, soundproof music room, fitness room for light exercise, and large communal bathroom designed to infuse natural sunlight . Furthermore, each floor is equiped with community kitchen, shower booths, toilets, and laundry rooms.

Earthquake Protection

Seismic isolator provides seismic resistance that is 1.5 times as strong as that of ordinary buildings. Five kinds of seismic isolator are well located in the mid-story isolated layer between the 1st and 2nd floor.

safety_01 safety_02

Consideration for the EnvironmentArchitecture design that takes advantage of natural sunlight and air flow

Nakano International Community Plaza, where WISH is located, is built based on an environmentally-advanced architectural plan, utilizing solar power devices and green roof benefits. It is a part of our efforts to reduce an environmental burden.

Innovative use of natural sunlight

A unit, comprised of four bedrooms and a living room, is shared by four residents. All bedrooms and living rooms are designed to face outward so that the residents can enjoy the view and also natural sunlight can come through. Also, Glass-walled living rooms infuse daylight into the both sides of the central corridor which tends to be dim and dark otherwise.

Innovative use of fresh wind

A ventilation fin installed on top of the living room balcony generates a difference in air pressure between air current that flows along the outside wall of a resident room and living space, facilitating natural ventilation in the area.
Natural ventilation is also induced as outer air flows in each resident room and goes to the living room through a ventilation hole in the each resident room.

Environmental friendliness

WISH is within the Waseda University Nakano International Community Plaza, which receives a subsidy from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for its adoption of the “Initiative project for CO2 emissions reduction in the area of Housing & Building”. Thus, resident use of water and electricity as well as its ranking of each floor is displayed on the monitor, and this reminds residents to try to save water and electricity.



Ventilation fin


Single bedroom


Natural ventilation in single bedroom


Air flow


Natural ventilation of hallway within unit


Central corridor bringing sunlight in


Monitor of water and electricity use

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