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Higashi-Fushimi Student Dormitory

Built in 1990 and renovated in 2007, Higashi-Fushimi Student Dormitory is a small-sized men’s dormitory under the direct operation of Waseda University. Higashi-Fushimi is the area surrounded by greenery and traditionally the home of Waseda University sports teams. An experienced live-in Caretaker as well as RAs (Resident Assistants) are available to support and provide a safe environment for the residents.

The Exterior of a Building


Address 3-5-33 Higashi-Fushimi, Nishitokyo-Shi, Tokyo, 202-0021
Location 8-minute walk from Higashi-Fushimi Station on Seibu Shinjuku Line


Convenience store 5-minute walk
Hospital 10-minute walk
Police box 8-minute walk

Number of Rooms

  • Singles: 20 rooms (20 people)
  • Twins: 10 rooms (20 people)
  • Capacity: 30 rooms (40 people)

Atmosphere of the dormitory

*For more information, please refer to FAQs.

Room layout of Higashi-Fushimi Student Dormitory

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  • Male
  • Freshmen (including international students) and first year graduate students (international students only)

Contract Period

2 years for April admission
1.5 years for September admissions

  • No early termination of the contract allowed with exception of those who must do so due to going to study abroad.
  • No contract renewal allowed.

Major Rules and Regulations of Higashi-Fushimi Student Dormitory

  1. Smoking and alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited.
  2. Visitors (male only) between 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  3. Residents are not permitted to have visitors, including parents, siblings, and friends, stay after 10pm or to stay overnight.
  4. Curfew:12 a.m. midnight

Massage from an RA

Hello everyone, I am an RA of Waseda University Higashi-fushimi Student Dormitory. I am currently studying at the graduate school of Sport Sciences. There are students from many countries, not only from Asian countries such as Korea, China, Philippines,  Vietnam, and it is a special place where you can meet friends who have different cultural backgrounds to you.  Furthermore, to help make student life more enjoyable, we hold many events like a welcome party, BBQs and Christmas party. We also have interaction with local alumni groups with chances to listen to many stories from experienced Waseda graduates.
The dorm manager is always here to give you kind support. We hope to share enjoyable and memorable times with you.

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