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Espoir Mejiro

All female students enrolled in or accepted at Waseda University are eligible regardless of current location.

You may specify your choice of room in the application form. If more than one student requests the same room, assignment will be made through lottery.

This is guarantee money for the dorm fee and other expenses, and is held until you leave the dorm. Generally, the deposit is refunded after subtracting the cost for cleaning and restoration of the room.

The contract period is fixed at 1 year. If you wish to continue residing in successive years, you will need to renew the contract. There are no renewal and administration fees.

Yes. There is a space to park one bicycle per a resident. There is no space for motorcycles and automobiles.

A LAN cable is set up in each room . You will have access to Internet from the day you move in.

Clothes, curtains, toilet articles, bedding, etc.

Yes. However, male is allowed to enter the dorm only on the day of move-in and move-out.

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