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Fall, 2021: Additional Recruitment

Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation Program
Information for Additional Recruitment

Waseda University (hereafter, the “University”) has been selected for “Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation Program” by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

With the aim to lead the future of science, technology and innovation, and to promote the development of diverse career paths for widespread success of doctoral human resources, we will start administrating and recruiting students for the “Pioneering Research Program for a Waseda Open Innovation Ecosystem (W-SPRING)” for Fall 2021.

There will be an additional recruitment starting from Oct 1st.

If you are interested in applying for the program, please talk to your supervisor and prepare the necessary documents. We look forward to receiving your application.

*Students whose applications were rejected during the September application period can try again after improving their applications.


Program Overview

With the aim to lead the future of science, technology and innovation, and to promote the development of diverse career paths for widespread success of doctoral human resources, the SPRING program provides and environment where students can concentrate on challenging and integrated research by providing a maximum of 2.90 million JPY (1.45 million JPY for students who are in the third year of their doctoral program as of September 2021) per student per year, which includes living expenses and research expenses, for maximum of three years (the support period is until the completion of the third year of the student’s doctoral program).
By participating in industry-academic collaborative research and career development activities, including registration in content (fostering internationality/ interdisciplinarity, career development, acquisition of transferable skills, and university-designed industry-academia collaborative internships and job-type internships that the government will begin this fall) designated by this project, as high value-added doctoral human resources, you will be provided with opportunities to acquire the qualifications to play active roles internationally, including employment in both domestic and overseas industries, and starting up venture projects.

※ The amount of support is tentative and the details may change.


Application Outline (Fall, 2021: Additional Recruitment)

University is recruiting students for W-SPRING.  Confirm the application outlines for details.

Application guidelines

Download the “Application guidelines” from the links below.

Application guidelines

※Read the application guidelines carefully, and understand the obligations and application eligibility before you make an application.

※Students of the Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences should consult with the office in advance regarding the course registration method.

Registration in advance

Please note that applicants need to register your information by 5PM on Oct 7th this time, before submitting the actual application.

Fill in the required fields of the following Registration form.


<※AFTER registering in advance, follow the procedure below.>


Application documents

Download the  “Application  Forms” from the links below.

Application form (form 1) *With supervisor signature (electronic signature accepted)
Application form (form 2)
③Certificate with GPA (master’s) *5 year doctoral students submit a certificate for the previous year

Application procedure

Fill in the required fields of the following application forms. Then, convert all of Application documents ①-③ into PDFs. Do NOT merge the files. Attach each file when submitting the application.

<※Before you apply, confirm the following>
File should be named as follows.

①Application form (form 1):area_year_student ID_Family name, First name_1
②Application form (form 2):area_year_student ID_ Family name, First name _2
③Certificate with GPA(master’s degree):area_year_student ID_ Family name, First name _3

Each area should be expressed as follows in the file name:

  • Green innovation: Green
  • Life innovation: Life
  • Digital innovation: Digital
  • Social innovation: Social

The year should be written as follows:

year PhD 5-year doctoral program
D1 Year 1 Year 3
D2 Year 2 Year 4
D3 Year 3 Year 5

e.g.)If you are in the 3rd year of a 5-year doctoral program who is applying for Green innovation, your Application Form 1 should be named as follows:
Green_D1_51××××××_Waseda Taro_1.pdf

Application period

9AM Tuesday, October 5th to 9AM Monday, October 11th



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