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HIGASHIDE Hironori  [ HIGASHIDE Hironori ]
Faculty of Commerce

Research Theme

Towards the theory of the humanity-centred management led by the endogenous development of individuals in the workplace

Research Overview

In management research, although organizations have often been managed as machines, the metaphor regarding them as organisms has become of signify importance in the current swiftly changing circumstance.

Institute of humanity-centred management at Waseda University focuses on the raison d’etre, functions and contributions of ‘living organizations’, assuming the purpose of establishing and growing organizations is to develop individuals within organizations in terms of their happiness and humanity, and vice versa. Thus, the institute proposes that the endogenous development of individuals and the interaction among such individuals results in designing the most effective and efficient (in the long term) organization that is able to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity. The proposition is being explored via interdisciplinary ways beyond such management functions as marketing, finance and so forth.
Specifically, the institute aims to:
(1) develop the theory of endogenous development of individuals in the workplace, while making Waseda University is the leading university in this area;
(2) shed light on the routes leading to higher happiness of stakeholders beyond the life satisfaction based on materialism; and
(3) contribute to the coming ‘entrepreneurial and sharing’ society by demonstrating research results on the relevant concepts to the endogenous development of individuals, which have been nurtured in the unique management history of Japan.

For the time being, research effort focuses on the concepts surrounding the key words of entrepreneurship, new venture, long-lasting family business in Japan, creativity led by intrinsic motivation and subjective well-being.


OHTAKI Reiji (Faculty of Commerce, Professor)
HIGASHIDE Hironori (Faculty of Commerce, Professor)
NAGAI Takeshi (Faculty of Commerce, Professor)
NISHIYAMA Shigeru (Faculty of Commerce, Professor)


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