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Institute of International Peace Strategy


DAIMON Takeshi [ DAIMON Takeshi ]
Faculty of International Research and Education

Research Theme

Research and Dissemination for Policy Recommendation for International Peace Strategy for Japan in the 21st Century

Research Overview

WIPS takes stock of international political economy in globalization, conduct researches on Japan’s direction and strategy, and propose grand design for international peace strategy for Japan, disseminated through traditional and social media.  Inter- and intra-regional researches in fragile countries, including Africa, shall be covered as a focal research area.
More specifically, studies shall be conducted for realistic policies policy oriented issues, for effective policy recommendations. To this end, study sessions will be regularly held with researchers and policy-makers inside and outside of Waseda University, to allow interactions among them.  Research outputs will be disseminated though internet, video, paper media, and will be shared in lectures, international symposium, workshop, and other activities with international exposure.
In addition, relevant courses shall be developed and added to the curriculum for students wishing to pursue public, international civil servant or NGO careers. In particular, it is anticipated that the WIPS will be making policy recommendations for Tokyo International Conference for African Development (TICAD) 8 to be held in 2022.


UESUGI Yuji (Faculty of International Research and Education, Professor)
DAIMON Takeshi (Faculty of International Research and Education, Professor)
KATAOKA Sadaharu (Faculty of International Research and Education, Professor)
KATSUMA Yasushi (Faculty of International Research and Education, Professor)
NAKAJIMA Seio (Faculty of International Research and Education, Associate Professor)
TONEGAWA Yoshiko(School of Social Sciences,Assistant Professor)


Adjunct Researchers

SATO Masayuki

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