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FUKUDA Koji  [ FUKUDA Koji ]
Faculty of Political Science and Economics

Research Theme

the implications of SDGs in the European Union

Research Overview

An academic research center for the EU and European regional integration regarding politics, economy, law, society and cultural system: The Waseda Institute for EU Studies currently consists of 10 EU researchers who are faculty staff from various schools and graduate schools, and eight off-campus researchers. Our main theme is “the implications of SDGs in the European Union” at the moment.

The institute researches the history, the philosophy, and the latest policies, and by adopting an academic approach speculates the way of the EU’s governance structure and international public policies from various viewpoints including politics and economy, law, society, history and culture. We are involved in joint Japanese-European research with European universities including Oxford University, Cambridge University, and LSE University. In 2002, the director of the College of Europe gave an academic lecture during his visit to Waseda University. In October 2007, the director of the European University Institute in Florence visited Waseda University. In 2014 , Prof. Dr. Jörg MONAR, Rector of the College of Europe in Bruges  gave an academic lecture :“ Solidarity as a challenge for the EU: The case of justice and home affairs”, at Waseda University in Tokyo.

In these manner, the institute is strengthening its international research network with univeristies in Europe, EU research institutions, universities worldwide, and academic societies of the EU. Through close collaboration and cooperation with the EU study group of the Institute for Research in Contemporary Political and Economic Affairs, the core of EU research organizations on the Nishi-Waseda campus, and the European Info Centres (European Documentation Centres), almost every year our institute holds international symposiums and seminars with the cooperation of the Delegation of the European Commission in Japan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan etc., and have invited prominent EU scholars. and research, our institution is globally emitting the latest information on the EU through the publication of EU research literature. In order to promote research for EU and European integration, our institute undertakes EU-related joint researches, contracted researches, lecture engagements from government agencies, local government bodies, and private organizations, and also cooperates in symposiums and lectures regarding the Asian community and Asian regional integration hosted by economic organizations and academic societies in and out of Japan.

Research results from our institute are also utilized within the Waseda University EU education curriculum. The EU Theme College, part of the Waseda University Global Education Center, holds EU Seminars annually open to all undergraduate and graduate students.


OKAYAMA Shigeru (Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Professor)
HINO Airo (Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Professor)
FUKUDA koji (Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Professor)
MAGARA Hideko (Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Professor)
NAKAMURA Hidetoshi (Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Associate Professor)
SUAMI Takao (Faculty of Law, Professor)
NAKAMURA Tamio (Faculty of Law, Professor)
SUZUKI, Noriko(Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor)
KATAOKA Sadaharu (Faculty of International Research and Education, Professor)
BACON,Paul Martyn (Faculty of International Research and Education, Professor)


Adjunct Researchers

USUI Mineko

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