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OTA Hiroshi  [ OTA Hiroshi ]
Faculty of International Research and Education

Research Theme

Examine development of “global governance” studies and how the concept is applied in practice.

Research Overview

It has been more than a decade since the term global governance appeared in the field of international relations. The curriculum of both undergraduate and graduate IR programs have recently emerged to study the concept both at Japanese and foreign educational institutions. Many volumes of the academic journal “Global Governance” have been issued, and innumerable books on global governance are now being published. Nonetheless, the concept of global governance has not really taken root in the academic field of international relations, and furthermore, today’s world is infested by terrorism, piracy, human rights violations, poverty, financial crises, and environmental degradation, all of which point to the malfunction or non-existence of global governance. It is an undeniable fact that even a major OECD country can no longer deal with these problems alone. The world demands global governance.
With this basic understanding about the concept of global governance, our research institute will carry out research about the current state of global governance studies in the academic field as well as the current situation of global governance in the practical world. Our research associates will promote their research according to their specialties, which include studies on international law, regional integration (EU studies, African /Asian studies, etc.), international human rights, international development and global environmental politics. In the end, through the synthesis of these studies, we will pursue a comprehensive study on global governance. Regarding more concrete research themes, a series of studies on international politics of global warming and research on regime complex about international fisheries management have been carried out.



  • [ Mini Symposium ] 2012/2/16
    The Turning Point of International Fisheries Governance: The ‘Crisis’ of Tuna Resources and the Contribution of International Politics
    *【Lecturer1】”Atlantic & Mediterranean BlueFin Tuna: ‘Entering a period of consequences'”
    Roberto Mielgo Bregazzi (Chief Executive Officer Advanced Tuna Ranching Technologies)
    *【Lecturer2】”Current status and issues of international fisheries management: from the perspective of international regimes”
    Hideo Inomata (Fisheries Agency of Japan, Assistant Director)


  • [ Seminar ] 2011/1/11
    The Current Situation and Issues of the Climate Change Regime: The Significance of the Cancun Agreement at COP16
    *Toshiro Kojima (Professor, the School of International Politics, Economics and communication of Aoyama Gakuin University)
    *Asuka Jusen (Professor, Center for Northeast Asian Studies of Tohoku University)
    *Katsunori Sugimoto (the former Director-General, First Research Office of the House of Councillors of the National Diet of Japan)
  • [ Seminar ] 2010/10/5
    The Issue of Reconciliation in the Process of Peace-building in Afghanistan
    *Daisaku Higashi (Political Affairs Officer, United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA))
  • [ Seminar ] 2010/4/30
    International Institutions and Global Governance–From a Perspective of Macro-Historical Constitutionalism
    *Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Professor, School of Intrenational Politics, Economics and Communication, Aoyama Gakuin University)


  • [ Seminar ] 2009/12/7
    Global Governance over Fishery Resources: The Current State of Research and the Kernel of the Issues
    *Hiroshi Ohta (Faculty of International Research and Education)
  • [ Seminar ] 2009/7/16
    Challenge of Constructing Legitimacy in Peacebuilding:Case of Afghanistan and Timor-Leste
    *Daisaku Higashi(Doctoral candidate, Political Science at the University of British Columbia)


FUKUDA Koji (Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Professor)
NAKAMURA Hidetoshi (Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Associate professor)
OHTA Hiroshi (Faculty of International Research and Education, Professor)
BACON, Paul Martyn (Faculty of International Research and Education, Professor)
SHU Min (Faculty of International Research and Education, Associate Professor)

SANADA Yasuhiro (Guest Junior Researcher)

Adjunct Researchers

ISHII Atsushi

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