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IMAMURA Hiroshi  [ IMAMURA Hiroshi ]
Faculty of Social Sciences

Research Theme

Conduct multi-faceted research on policymaking processes of the U.S. government, including current Obama Administration.

Research Overview

With the advent of the 21st century, the US is being called on to revise its conventional awareness and policies at various levels. The 9/11 terrorist attacks of 2001 called into question the prevalent view of the United States’ role as the “world police,” and autonomous actions such as the military invasion of Iraq weakened not only the prestige of the US but also its voice within the international community. (Illegal) immigration from Mexico and the growing Hispanic population have called forth once again the classic debate on the integration of immigrants, raising questions about whether the US is a “melting pot” or a “salad bowl” of ethnicities. Excessively free and relaxed economic policies leading to increased disparities between the wealthy and impoverished, along with the financial crisis of the summer of 2008 have dealt a huge blow to the US economy and rekindled debate on the role of the government in the economy.
The 2008 presidential election took place in the midst of these numerous and profound issues. The election was fought over the political issue of how to reconcile the “two Americas,” the “divided America,” which had been created by the polarization of the two major political parties since the presidential election of 2000. As a result of this fight, and contrary to initial general predictions, Barack Obama, was nominated as the first African-American presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, and elected as the United States’ first “Black” President. President Obama actively started working on selecting members for the administration as well as on policy structures, and with a relatively high approval rate and high expectations he was inaugurated as president on 21 January 2009.
With the new Obama administration beginning to move forward, the ways in which the new administration will deal with the issues the US is being confronted with, and how those issues can come to be resolved has become a topic for study.


KAWAGISHI Norikazu (Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Professor)
YOSHINO Takashi (Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Professor)
ASAKO Yasushi (Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Associate professor)
IMAMURA Hiroshi (Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor)
OKUSAKO Hajime (Faculty of Social Sciences, Associate professor)

Adjunct Researchers

IIDA Takeshi
NAKAYAMA Toshihiro
YASUI Kiyotaka
WADA Shuichi

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