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【Webinar report November 23, 2020】EU – Japan C2C Webinar: Diffusion and Contestation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Date & Time:November 23 (Monday), 16:00~20:00
  • Language:English
  • Hosted by:
    JSPS Core-to-Core (C2C) Programme, A. Advanced Research Networks “The European Union and Japan in a Fluid Global Liberal Order: Establishing an Inter-Regional Studies Centre”
  • Organized by:
    Institut d’études europeenne (IEE), Universite libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
    Organization for Regional and Inter-regional Studies (ORIS), Waseda University
  • Co-organized by:
    Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University (WIAPS)
  • Schedule 

On the November 23rd, 2020, a half-a-day webinar was held on “Diffusion and Contestation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”, with a particular focus on the (Inter-) Regional dynamics supported by Japan and/or the EU regarding Health, Education, and Decent Work Standards – i.e. SDG 3, 4 & 8.
This event was organized by Organization for Regional and Inter-regional Studies (ORIS), Waseda University in collaboration with the Institute for European Studies, Université libre de Bruxelles (IEE-ULB), and the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University (WIAPS), with the support of JSPS Core-to-Core (C2C) Program, A. Advanced Research Networks, “The European Union and Japan in a Fluid Global Liberal Order: Establishing an Inter-Regional Studies Centre”.

The webinar was opened with the introductory words of the vice president of IEE- ULB, E. Bribosia, and in the first session, P. Bacon (Waseda University) explained the norm diffusion theory for demonstrating the overarching framing of the subsequent case study sessions and discussions.
Next, in the three case-study sessions, the norm diffusion of SDGs in the area of health, education, and decent work was discussed. The session on health (SDG 3) mainly focused on the norms related to sexual and reproductive health with case studies of Asian countries. In this session, M. Chiba (Waseda University) gave a presentation on “Diffusion and contestation of school-based HIV/AIDS education in Thailand” and E. Avramovska (ULB) talked on “The SDGs and sexual and reproductive health in the Philippines: Strong commitments and challenged compliances”.

In the next session on education (SDG 4), the first two presentations focused on the diffusion of inclusive education. The presentation made by M. Hayashi (University of the Sacred Heart) was themed on “Reformulation in norm diffusion of inclusive education in Cambodia”, and followed by the presentation on “Diffusion of inclusive education concept as a norm of educational policy in developing countries: A case of Malawi” by J. Kawaguchi (University of Tsukuba) & K. Kuroda (Waseda University). The third presentation was given by L. Radjai (Waseda University) & F. Ponjaert (ULB) on “Beyond regionalization of higher education in Europe” with a focus of global citizenship education in higher education.

In the last session, case studies were presented with a focus of multiple aspects of decent work (SDG 8), such as gender equality and animal welfare. Firstly, TF. Souza (Waseda University) talked about gender equality and decent work with an analysis of the unfair working conditions of women in Japan. Secondly, S. Ghislain (ULB & Eurogroup for Animals) introduced the mainstreaming of animal welfare in implementing SDGs with a focus on the role of EU trade policy. Lastly, S. Koyama (Waseda University) talked on “Implementing the decent work agenda in Georgia: Dynamics in the selective adaptation process”.

In each session, 15 – 20 minutes question & answer sessions were followed by the presentations. While the sessions were facilitated online between Europe and Japan, lively discussions were made during the sessions. The sessions became a valuable opportunity for presenters to have feedback and interaction with those in attendance, and ultimately contributed to pave the way to produce a jointly edited volume bringing together European and Japanese scholarship in the field.

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