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2020 The 6th Waseda ORIS International Seminar for Junior Researchers 『Academics for Revival in Difficult Times』

The 6th Waseda ORIS (Organization for Regional and Inter-regional Studies) International Seminar for Junior Researchers aims to build a platform for trans-regional and inter-disciplinary discussion among junior researchers in the field of social sciences and humanities regardless of their faculty affiliation.

  • Date and Time: Thursday, January 28, 2021. 13:00-16:30
  • Language:English
  • Participation:Free
  • Audience:Students, faculty and staff, the general public
  • Venue:Online
  • Organizer : Organization for Regional and Inter-regional Studies
    (ORIS), Waseda University
  • Theme : “Academics for Revival in Difficult times”

Difficult times involve economic, social or humanity problems triggered by political turmoil or external shocks such as a pandemic. As a multidisciplinary academic seminar, presentations related to all areas of social sciences including economics, sociology and political science as well as humanities and history are invited. We are especially interested in topics that explore:
・Theoretical, empirical or applied analysis around the difficult times
・Policy recommendation addressing the difficulties and its impacts
・Lessons from history during and after the crisis


13:00 Opening Remarks from Masahiko Gemma, Vice President, Waseda University

🔹Group 1

13:10-13:40 “Demographic change and its impacts on fiscal sustainability”
Upalat Korwatanasakul, Assitant Professor, School of Social Sciences, Waseda University
13:40-14:10 “Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health and economic status of migrant workers: A narrative review”
Tran Thi Hue, Research Resident, Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies, Kyorin University, Japan Foundation of AIDS Prevention
14:10-14:40 “Technical regulations and the margins of international trade: empirical analysis on the impact of additional compliance”
Kim Kunhyui, Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University

14:40-14:50 Coffee Break

🔹Group 2
14:50-15:20 “U.S.-Myanmar Relations after Obama’s Rapprochement Policy: Reasons for Unmet Expectation”
Sint Sint Myat, Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies, Waseda University.
15:20-15:50 “COVID-19 and Urbanization: The hidden relationships”
Augusto Ricardo Delgado Narro, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University
15:50-16:20 “Policy towards Human Trafficking and Fisheries Crime in Indonesia Fishing Industry amidst the Pandemic”
Destin Nurafiati Ristanti, Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies
16:20-16:30 Summary from Mentors
Kaoru Nabeshima, Professor, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University
Takeshi Daimon-Sato, Director, Institute of International Peace Strategy, Professor, School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University
16:30 Closing Remarks from Takashi Yoshino, Director, Organization for Regional and Inter-regional Studies, Waseda university


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Organization for Regional and Inter-regional Studies
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Thu, 10 Dec 2020

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