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The 5th Waseda ORIS International Symposium for Junior Researchers (1/11)

Public Response to Government Policy and International Interventions

  • Date & Time
    Saturday, January 11, 2020, 13:00-18:00
  • Venue
    Room #203, Building #3, Waseda Campus
  • Participation
    Free, no reservation required
  • Language
  • Audience
    Students, faculty and staff, the general public
  • Keynote Speaker
    Dr. Lisa Hultman, Uppsala University
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Global issues we face today vary from social unrest caused by government extremism to full-fledged civil
war. The 5th Waseda ORIS International Symposium for Junior Researchers aims to address these issues,
employing cutting-edge research methods developed in political science. This symposium features a leading
scholar in United Nations (UN) peacekeeping and political violence, Dr. Lisa Hultman from Uppsala
University, Sweden.

The first panel explores how and when government repressive policy on minorities/foreign workers
causes social unrest and public oppositions to the government. Panelists discuss political phenomena such
as electoral manipulation in authoritarian regimes, government policy on foreign workers, social
movements and violent protests.

The second panel starts with the keynote address by Dr. Hultman. The talk introduces her recent work on
the local economic effects of peacekeeping, and puts this in perspective by discussing the larger
peacekeeping literature and its measures of mission-level success vs micro-level outcomes. Following her
talk, presentation 1 investigates whether the nationality of the force commander with reference to the
peacekeeper had an influence on the risk to that peacekeeper. Presentation 2 examines how the diversity of
troops in UN peacekeeping missions influences the performance in suppressing violence against civilians.
Presentation 3 analyzes the allocation pattern of UN peacekeeping operations at the subnational level, using
the geographical data on Sudan and South Sudan.



Opening Remarks


Panel 1: Election, Government Policy, and Public


Coffee Break


Panel 2: Empirical Studies on PKO


Closing Remarks

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Room #203, Building #3, Waseda Campus


Mon, 02 Dec 2019

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