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The 5th ORIS International Symposium “Towards Inter-regional Symbiotic Relationships” (11/21)

Towards Inter-regional Symbiotic Relationships

Since its inception, the Organization for Regional and Inter-regional Studies (ORIS) has hosted four international symposiums: “Understanding the Diversity in Reconciliations” (2015), “Progress of Globalization and the Creation of New World Rules” (2016), “Beyond Anti-globalism” (2017) and “New Perspectives on Global Order” (2018). It has conducted multifaceted research into inter-regional relationships, with a focus on the emerging trend in Western countries towards economic globalization and the subsequent conflicts in the regions other than Western Europe. In Japan, the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act was amended in December 2018, and a new status of residence, called Special Skills No. 2, was set for the foreigners engaged in the categories of business that require expert skills. Also, a regulation was established, enabling the granting of residence status to the spouses and children of the foreigners with Special Skills No. 2. However, in this country they view such “potential immigrants” as foreign workers returning home after a certain period of stay; it still remains an uncertainty whether they fully understand what problems accepting these “immigrants” could entail and what preparations have to be made for the purpose. In 2019, the fifth year of its establishment, ORIS is holding another international symposium titled “Towards Inter-regional Symbiotic Relationships,” with the objective of making an interim report with regard to the results of its previous studies.

  • 【Date & Time】 Thursday, November 21, 2018 13:00~17:15
  • 【Venue】 Ono Auditorium, Waseda Campus
  • 【Language】 Japanese (simultaneous interpretation in English is available)
  • 【Audience】Students, faculty members, and the general public
  • 【Admission】 Free, No reservation required
  • 【Program】
    13:00-13:05 Opening Remarks
    13:05-13:55 Keynote Speech
    — break —
    14:05-15:15 Session 1: Mechanisms of Inter-regional Symbiotic Relationships
    — break —
    15:25-16:35 Session 2: Current Status and Issues of Immigrant Societies
    — break —
    16:45-17:15 General Discussion: The Possibility of an Immigrant Society in Japan


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Ono Auditorium


Mon, 14 Oct 2019

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