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EU-Japan Friendship Week “New horizons in EU–Japan security cooperation” (July 11)

New horizons in EU–Japan security cooperation

  • Date & Time
    Thursday July 11, 10:40-12:10
  • Venue
    Room #601 Building #3, Waseda Campus
  • Speaker
    Prof. Dorussen Han (University of Essex)
  • Organizer
    Prof. Atsushi Tago (Faculty of Political Science and Economics,Waseda University)
  • Participation
    No registration required
  • Language
  • Audience
    Students, faculty members, and the general public
  • Organizer
    Waseda Institute of Political Economy
  • Co-organizer
    Waseda University Top Global University Project, Waseda Institute for British Studies, ORIS


Alongside the EU–Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), a Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) between the EU and Japan entered into force in 2019. Whereas the EPA enshrines the existing interconnectedness between the Japanese and European economies, the SPA remains more aspirational. With an emphasis on shared norms and values and recognizing an increasingly hostile external environment, the EU and Japan are seeking to deepen and broaden their security relations. In this article, we map threat perceptions and policy responses across a broad range of security domains to assess the relevance of EU–Japan security cooperation for the period 1990–2017. Cooperation has increased notably in domains such as economic security, cyber-security and civil protection. In other areas, such as military and regional security and terrorism, however, the scope of cooperation lags behind. The SPA not only reflects a renewed interest and level of ambition in the EU and Japan, but also provides them with a platform to extend security cooperation to address their global and regional challenges.

Contact : Waseda Institute of Political Economy ([email protected])

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Room #601 Building #3, Waseda Campus


Wed, 03 Jul 2019

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