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【Seminar report Oct.30, 2018】The European Union and Japan in a Fluid Global Liberal Order

  • Date & Time
    October 30 (Wednesday), 09:30~16:15
  • Venue
    Conference Room No.1, 5th Floor, Building No.9, Waseda Campus
  • Language
  • Hosted by
    JSPS Core-to-Core (C2C) Programme, A. Advanced Research Networks “The European Union and Japan in a Fluid Global Liberal Order: Establishing an Inter-Regional Studies Centre”Organization for Regional and Inter-regional Studies (ORIS), Waseda University
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In this seminar, Prof. Tanja Börzel and Prof. Thomas Risse of the Free University of Berlin and Prof. Anne Weyembergh of the Free University of Brussels were invited to a engage in a scholarly and lively exchange of research on the theme of “The European Union and Japan in a Fluid Global Liberal Order.” In the first panel, theories, concepts, and practices of norm diffusion were considered, while the second panel considered East Asia from the perspective of inter-regional studies, producing diverse and deep discussions of these topics. In addition, Prof. Börzel and Prof. Risse delivered a lecture on the theme of “European Integration Theories: From the Euro to the Schengen Crises,” providing a valuable opportunity for the many participants to deepen their knowledge of this issue.

Prof. Anne Weyembergh

Prof. Paul Bacon

Prof. Shuji Urata

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