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Interdisciplinary fusion brain science institute



Director:Takafumi INOUE
Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering

Research theme

Promotion of innovations in brain science by fusing biological and computational  brain science

Research overview

Understanding of the development and function of brain is the most important question of brain science, and developmental brain disorders, dementia and depression are serious social issues. While enormous amount of efforts have been made on the brain research, most of the questions are left unsolved. The main reason of this is because different techniques have been applied by different research groups separately over the very wide and complex brain science fields. To concur this problem cooperative interdisciplinary researches are most needed. Especially biological neuroscience (“wet brain science”) and theoretical and computational brain science (“dry brain science”) are needed to work together to elucidate the mysteries in brain development and regulation and dysfunction of brain functions. We organize top-level researchers in both wet and dry brain science fields who are scattered in Waseda University campuses to form an integrated research foundation and pioneer novel interdisciplinary fusion brain science fields. By effectively intermingling wet and dry brain scientists, reciprocal feedback cycles of theoretical verification of biological neuroscience results by mathematical model and feedback to research benches will be established. With such a research basis, totally novel and creative researches will be performed, and a truly interdisciplinary fusion brain science foundation will emerge in Waseda University, which produces leading scholars of the next generation.


INOUE, Takafumi(Professor, School of Advanced Science and Engineering)
ISHII, Hiroyuki(Associate Professor, School of Creative Science and Engineering)
OHSHIMA, Toshio(Professor, School of Advanced Science and Engineering)
OSU, Rieko(Professor, School of Human Sciences)
OGATA, Tetsuya(Professor, School of Fundamental Science and Engineering)
GUNJI, Yukio(Professor, School of Fundamental Science and Engineering)
SHIBATA, Shigenobu(Professor, School of Advanced Science and Engineering)
HANASHIMA, Carina(Associate Professor, School of Education)
MURATA, Noboru(Professor, School of Advanced Science and Engineering)
WATANABE, Katsumi(Professor, School of Fundamental Science and Engineering)

Adjunct Researcher

FUKAI, Tomoki

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