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Human Performance Laboratory(HPL)



Director : Yasuo KAWAKAMI
Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences

Research theme

Scientific support for the improvement of elite athletes’ performance and its application to the general public.

Overview of research

This project aims to propose and establish specific scientific methods for unleashing the full potential of human performance. Over the course of five years of the whole project, we will set short-term, middle-term and long-term goals with various research themes mainly focusing on improvements of elite athletes’ performance and its application to the general public. We will then create new values and methodology by making the most of the outcomes of each research theme.

In the initial phase of the 5-year project, we will support elite athletes who are “only one step away from the podium” by utilizing the latest science, technology, and coaching methods which deliver immediate performance-improving solutions. This would enable Japanese elite athletes to stand out at the international level. In order to achieve this objective, we propose four major research themes: 1) attainment of “well-coordinated movement”, 2) detailed analysis of physical performance and talent identification, 3) proposal of optimal conditioning methods, 4) development of modalities enhancing physical performance. We will complete these four research projects by combining deep knowledge of sport science, engineering techniques, and long-term experience in medicine. We will attain the goals through a consortium consisting of members of Waseda University and various universities, institutes and industries, who are experts in sport science, engineering, education, medical science, and development of materials & devices. The consortium will be a goal-oriented functional hub, making the most of the latest knowledge, techniques and facilities inside and outside the university. We will also initiatively appoint young and energetic researchers from various research fields and enlist cooperation from research institutes and private enterprises. This would eventually lead to further improvements of Japanese athletes’ performance at the highest level and finding/training of junior athletes who are potentially at the top level. From 2017, we have begun several attempts including establishment of Japanese athletes’ physical fitness standards, improvement of competitive level of a domestic top-level female short track skater through science, production of a supporting device for a Paralympic athlete, and development of a new training method for pedaling performance. In this way, basic research has been conducted to construct a system for evaluating and improving sports performance. We will seek to contribute to increases in the number of medals of Japanese athletes at the major sport events including 2020 Tokyo and 2022 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games. Parallel to and following these mega events, we will proceed to establish the novel research paradigm that contributes to athletic performance at large as well as health promotion for the general public. The final goal of the whole project is to establish a new discipline “Human Performance Transcendence” through the synergetic effect derived from interdisciplinary collaborations.


Takayuki Akimoto (Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)
Shigeo Iso (Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)
Kazuyuki Kanosue (Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)
Katsuhiko Suzuki (Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)
Hiroaki Masaki (Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)
Taiji Matsui (Associate Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)
Masashi Miyashita (Associate Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)
Takeshi Yoshinaga(Associate Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)
Zenya Fujita (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)
Nobuhiko Eda (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)
Takaki Yamagishi (Research Assistant, Faculty of Sport Sciences)
Shigeru Uesugi (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
Jun Ohya (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
Atsuo Takanishi (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
Shinji Takeoka (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
Michiaki Hamada (Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
Masaaki,Honda (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)
Tomotaka Horiuchi (Research Associate)
Toshihiko Nagayoshi (Research Associate)
Aduayom-Ahego Akouetevi (Research Associate, Faculty of Sport Sciences)
QI, Weihuang (Research Associate)
Fumiko Tanaka (Junior Researcher)

Adjunct Researcher

Ayumu Yamada
Kei Yokoyama
Kunihiro Michiue
Taku Wakahara
Yukiko Mohri
Nobumasa Takehara
Hiroaki Arai
Yoshihiko Tamura
Yusuke Hara
Masanori Sakaguchi
Kenta Moriyasu
Makoto Fukuda
Takehiro Tagawa
Munekazu Naito
Toshiaki Ueno
Masahiro Tamachi
Takahiro Wada
Hiroshi Churei
Yasuo Takeuchi
Mako Fukano
Chiho Fukuzaki
Tomoka Nakazumi
Yukihiro Himeda

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