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Research Institute of Environmental Medical Sciences



Director : Masaki KAKEYAMA
Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences

Research theme

Development and application of measuring system of “brain & mind” for environmental health risk assessment.

Overview of research

The mission of this institute (RIEMS) is to clarify how the environmental factors affect people in order to promote healthier lives. Generally for health risk assessments, toxicity studies are conducted in animal models based on regulatory test guidelines (e.g. OECD test guidelines and U.S. EPA test guidelines), as well as epidemiological studies in human population. Recent studies have shown the brain and mind, especially in early life, are highly sensitive for environmental insults. The RIEMS focuses on the brain and mind, and foster research to discover new scientific knowledge and technology, develop measuring systems of the brain and mind, and apply them to toxicity studies and human epidemiological studies.
Environmental medical sciences is an interdisciplinary academic filed. Our institute is positioned to help prevent disease and transform new scientific knowledge into improvements in human health. The research topics of RIEMS are as follows:
– Research on environmental and genetic factors affecting health and triggering disease.
– Research on prevention and recovery of disease, protection, promotion and maintain health and well-being.
– Development and application of measuring methodology of health and disease.
– Training and development of young scientists.
– Communicate advances in environmental health sciences to the public.


Hiroaki Kumano (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Shinichi Sakakibara (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Kei Nagashima (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Nobuhiro Furuyama (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Eriko Sugimori (Associate Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Hiroyuki Mishima (Associate Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Keiko Momose (Associate Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Masaya,Fujiwara(Junior Researcher(Assistant Professor)
Mitsuharu,Matsumoto(Guest Researcher)

Adjunct Researcher


[email protected]

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