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Concluded Laboratory 2015/03/31

Director : Hiroshi KOJIMA
Professor,Faculty of Social Sciences

Research theme

Comparative research on the Symbiosis of Muslims and non-Muslims in Asia

Overview of research

This project research institute aims to conduct a comparative study on the current situation and factors of the symbiosis of Muslim minority and non-Muslim majority in Asia, with a focus on East Asian countries including Japan, as well as the countries of Southeast Asia.

“Migration” and “networks” are key terms to be considered when studying the issues related to Muslim minorities in Asia. Muslims who have migrated or crossed borders (newcomer Muslims) form networks while keeping close ties with the communities of their origin. On the other hand, Muslims who have resided in an area for centuries (historical Muslims) also belong in cross-border global Muslim networks and maintain their own religious identities, even after they have been marginalized and become minorities. Synchronic and diachronic comparative analyses are considered effective in drawing out the specific interrelationship between Muslim minorities in all parts of Asia and their regional/global networks.

To that end, this research will employ an interdisciplinary approach that uses the theories and empirical methods from a wide range of disciplines, including demography, history, sociology, and anthropology. Specifically, research will revolve around two primary research issues: A) social research aimed at coexistence with Muslims, and B) historical progress and acceptance of Muslims in East Asia. Furthermore, through collaborative comparative research with researchers from Korea and Taiwan, among other countries, the research aims to set out and present to society the prerequisites that are of importance to symbiosis in Asia, as well as to strengthen the existing network of Asian researchers centered around Waseda University.


Hiroshi KOJIMA (Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences)
Keiko SAKURAI (Professor, Faculty of International Liberal Studies)
Atsuko SHIMBO (Professor, Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences)
Hirofumi TANADA (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Kaori KOMATSU (Professor, Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences)
Hirohumi OKAI (Research Associate, Organization for Islamic Area Studies)
Yukari SAI (Research Associate, Organization for Islamic Area Studies)
Jin NODA (Junior Researcher, Organization for Islamic Area Studies)

Adjunct Researcher

Omar FAROUK (Professor, Faculty of International Studies, Hiroshima City University)
Midori KAWASHIMA (Professor, Faculty of Foreign Studies,Sophia University)
Selçuk Esenbel (Professor, Bogzici Univercity)


Organization for Islamic Area Studies (OIAS) Floor 3, Bldg.No.120-4 Waseda Campus, Waseda University
513 Waseda Tsurumaki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0041, JAPAN

Tel/Fax: +81-3-5286-1749
E-mail:[email protected]


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