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Asian Service Business Research Institute (ASB)



Concluded Laboratory 2015/03/31

Director : Masataka OTA
Professor,Faculty of Commerce

Research theme

The pursuit of symbiotic service business models in Asia

Overview of research

From the perspective of a global competitive environment, one of the greatest differences between the 20th and the 21st centuries lies in the rise of Asia (newly developed economies) and the internationalization of the services industry. While Japanese companies were soon demanded to establish new roles in Asia, the concept that is key to resolving the problem lies in the building up of “symbiotic service business modelsh that demonstrate an understanding of the Asian context. This research brings together three research themes that have developed under separate fields within the Faculty of Commerce in the past ten years: 1) research on Asian businesses, 2) research on service businesses, and 3) research on business models; and through the integration of these research themes, carries out progressive and original research. Under Masataka Otafs research project on “Knowledge Transfers among Asian Emerging Marketsh (Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research B, 2005-2007), research on Asian businesses has been conducted jointly with Jitendra Singh (University of Pennsylvania) and Eleanor Westney (MIT Honorary Professor, York University), as well as Masakazu Sugiura and other researchers from Waseda University. This research is supported from the sidelines, from an economics perspective, by Kazuhiko Yokota’s research on opening up Asian markets (Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research C) and Toshihiro Ichida’s research on “Multinational Enterprisesh (Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research C). The second research theme on service businesses has developed along the lines of a management accounting approach, beginning with Keiichi Hasegawa’s academic research on “Balanced Scorecard Theories and their Applicationh in Japan (Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research B, 2004-2007) and Yoshihiro Ito’s research on the “Meaning and Possibilities of the CSR Scorecardh (Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research B, 2007-2009). To complement this, Tatsuya Kimura conducts research on service marketing, taking service research from the viewpoint of value-creation, as opposed to a management accounting perspective. Research on the final research theme on business models has been ongoing, starting with Tatsuhiko Inoue’s academic research, carried out jointly with Tatsuyuki Negoro and other researchers, on the “Critical Development of the Business Model Concepth (Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research B). In addition, Kazunari Uchida’s practical study on the concept of business chains (equivalent to business models) has received much critical acclaim in society. Bringing the perspective of venture capital (Akie Iriyama) which invests in business models, into Inoue’s and Uchida’s research adds new levels of breadth and depth to the research. The cluster of the three research themes described above have developed somewhat apart from each other thus far. However, they are in fact linked to one another, and it would be possible to build up a research base with a competitive edge by combining the three themes along the vector of “symbiosis in Asia”-the”rescue mission” of this research project.


Masataka OTA (Professor, Faculty of Commerce)
Toshihiro ICHIDA (Associate professor, Faculty of Commerce)
Yoshihiro ITO (Professor, Faculty of Commerce)
Tatsuhiko INOUE (Professor, Faculty of Commerce)
Kazunari UCHIDA (Professor, Faculty of Commerce)
Reiji OTAKI (Professor, Faculty of Commerce)
Tatsuya KIMURA (Professor, Faculty of Commerce)
Masakazu SUGIURA (Professor, Faculty of Commerce)
Keiichi HASEGAWA (Professor, Faculty of Commerce)
Kazuhiko YOKOTA (Professor, Faculty of Commerce)
Takahiro OHNO (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
Jusuke IKEGAMI (Associate professor, Faculty of Commerce)

Adjunct Researcher

Jitendra V.Singh (Saul P.Steinberg Professor of Management,The Wharton School,University of Pennsylvania)
Tadayuki HARA (Associate professor,Rosen College of Hospitality Management,University of Central Florida)
Dominique V.Turpin (President,IMD)
Mannsoo SHIN (Professor,International Business Korea University Business School)
MAHMOOD Ishtiaq Pasha (Associate Professor,National University of Singapore)
HART Stuart L. (Professor,Cornell University The Johnson School )
Yuanta Ko (Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp. Chief of Staff of the Group CEO Office)
Xiaobo Wu (Professor/Dean,School of Management.Zhejiang University)
Yoko Inoue (Assistant Professor,Nihon University)
Akira Sakai (Dentsu Inc.)


Asian Service Business Research Institute(ASB)

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