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Concluded Laboratory 2014/03/31

Director : Hiroaki KUMANO
Professor,Faculty of Human Sciences

Research theme

Giving the sciences of the brain and the mind back to society—Applied brain science based on integrated human sciences

Overview of research

Modern society is faced with countless problems such as changes in industrial structures and increasing mobility of economic activities, environmental issues brought on inevitably by the development of cultures, advancements in information technology and the growing influence of the virtual world, and declining birth rates and ageing societies.

In response to these problems, there are high expectations for the role of brain science research, which would also exert a ripple effect on medical science and biology, and even on various fields in the natural sciences including pharmaceutical sciences, chemistry, engineering, and information science. However, in order to deal with complex problems such as those listed above, it is essential to conduct further in-depth research on the structure and functions of the brain as a separate organ, while developing the field of integrated human sciences, which aims for an integrated understanding of humans. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the development of applied brain science based on integrated human sciences.

In view of the issues facing modern society as described above, this research project aims to provide organic linkages and significantly develop the potential of the sciences of the brain and mind that the Faculties of Human Sciences and Sports Sciences have accumulated over 20 years along the lines of applied brain science. Its goal is also to give back to society the actual results achieved in the research project. The fields of specialization of the participating researchers cover a wide range-from the bio-sciences relating to research on the physical aspects of the brain as an organ, to the behavioral and social sciences relating to research on the individual, society, and environment. In addition, the group is also armed with particular expertise in this theme from the perspective of lifespan development, such as in relation to growth and ageing. Here, by incorporating an angle to look at the measuring of the functions of the human brain, it would be possible to draw organic linkages through the comparison of common variables present in each field.


Hiroaki KUMANO (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Korehito YAMANOUCHI (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Kei NAGASHIMA (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Koji TAKENAKA (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Miho SAITO (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Koichi NEGAYAMA (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Hironori SHIMADA (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Takuro HATAKEYAMA (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Takaya KOJIMA (Associate professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Keiko MOMOSE (Associate professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Akiyoshi KABE (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Takuya TSUJIUCHI (Associate professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Sunao UCHIDA (Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)
Masaaki HONDA (Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)
Norikazu HIROSE (Associate professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)
Shigenobu SHIBATA (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
Hiroaki MASAKI (Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)
Kazuyuki KANOSUE (Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)
Shinichi SUZUKI (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Hideaki KIKUCHI (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Tatsunori MATSUI (Associate professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Shinichi SAKAKIBARA (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Rayna AZUMA (Associate professor, Faculty of International Liberal Studies)
Shinobu NOMURA (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Yoshihiro MURAOKA (Associate professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Takuya CHIBA (Associate professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)
Sayaka ARITAKE (Assistant professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)

Adjunct Researcher

Yasumasa OKAMOTO (Associate Professor,Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences,Hiroshima University)
Masami Nishikawa (Professor,Department of Education,Kawamura Gakuen Woman’s University)
Takamasa NODA (Medical staff of psychiatry department, Musashi Hospital, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry)
Reiko MAZUKA (Senior team leader,Language Development,RIKEN Brain Science Institute)
Shunsuke KOSEKI (Assistant Professor,Department of School Education,Aichi University of Education)
Shisei TEI (University Hospital Zurich, Visiting Researcher)
Yoshiya MORIGUCHI (Section Chief,Department of Psychophysiology,National Institute of Mental Health,National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry)
Akira ICHIKAWA (Emeritus professor,Chiba University)
Shoji IMAI (Lecturer,Nagoya University of Arts and sciences )
Yoshikuni EDAGAWA (Professor,Teikyo Heisei University)
Sachiko HOJO (Emeritus professor,Shokei University)
Shigeto YAMAWAKI (Professor,Hiroshima University)
Delafield-Butt,Jonathan Thomas (Lecturer,University of Strathclyde,U.K.)
Hiroshi Matsuda (Integrative Brain Imaging Center,National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry)
Yoshihiko Kunisato (Lecturer,Senshu University)
Hidetake Miyata (Associate Professor, Tohoku University)
Noriko Takeda (Post Doctoral Fellow , Japan Society for Promotion of Science)


Institute of Applied Brain Sciences

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