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About the Organization


Governing board

Name Title
KURODA,Kazuyuki Professor, Chairperson
ASAHI,Toru Professor
UTAKA,Katsuyaki Professor
OSAKA,Tetsuya Senior Research Professor
KAWARADA,Hiroshi Professor
KOYAMA,Yasumasa Professor
SHOJI,Shuichi Professor
TAKEYAMA,Haruko Professor
FURUKAWA,Yukio Professor
HOMMA,Takayuki Professor
MATSUKATA,Masahiko Professor
MOMMA,Toshiyuki Professor
NAKAGAWA,Yoshihide Director, Research Collaboration and Promotion Center
OJIMA,Hiroyuki Administrative Director



Name Title
SAITO,Mikiko Professor
SEKIGUCHI,Tetsushi Professor
MIZUNO,Jun Professor
TAKEUCHI,Teruaki Senior Researcher
YUITOO,Isamu Researcher
KATO,Kunio Junior Researcher
KAWANO,Toshihiro Junior Researcher
SASAKI,Toshio Junior Researcher
NOZAKI,Yoshito Junior Researcher
TANAKA,Daiki Research Associate


Strategy Dept.

Name Title
MORI,Yasurou Chief Research Strategist
NAKIRI,Fuminori Research Strategist
HASHIMOTO,Masahiro Research Strategist
MAEDA,Yuko Research Strategist
MURAKAMI,Akio Research Strategist



Name Title
OJIMA,Hiroyuki Administrative Director
with other 5 staffs

(as of April 2018)

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