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Help other students learn your language as an ICC Supporter! (4 Languages) ▶Deadline: 5/25, 9am

Do you like meeting new people and chatting with other students in a language you love!? Then register to be an ICC Language Event Supporter and share your language with your fellow students!   This is a great chance to make new contacts on campus and connect with others who speak your language. Whether you help out once a week, once a month or even just once is up to you!   Can you help out with any of the events below? 

★ICC Language Lunches

Log on during lunchtime (12:20-12:50pm) and chat in your language with other students while you eat!   

Supporters lead and facilitate conversation in a small group.  No preparation required! Just enjoy chatting freely! 

*English and Japanese Supporters should be fluent or native speakers; Other Language Supporters should be intermediate-level and above.

*Planned to be held on Zoom in June

ICC English Chat Club

A weekly club where participants can chat in English for about an hour. Supporters lead a game or activity and generally facilitate conversation in a small group. ICC staff will prepare and explain the activities during the orientation, and don’t worry, Japanese skills are not required!  

Non-native speakers with advanced English skill are also welcome to sign up!   Make new English-speaking friends! 

*ECC Supporters should be fluent or native speakers

*Planned to be held on Zoom in June

*ICC will share details of each event with Supporters after selection


English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean


Waseda students who speak the required languages


via MyWaseda

Registration Deadline

May 25 (Tue) 9:00am. ICC will email you the results on the same day


May 28 (Fri), 12:20pm-12:50pm (Required for first-time supporters)


Tel: 03-5286-3990 Email: [email protected]

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