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ICC Talk Session: Personal encounters keep you going – What does cross-cultural understanding mean to actress Sahel Rosa? (January 12th) Guest: Sahel Rosa (Actress)


Born in Iran, Ms. Sahel Rosa works in a range of media in Japan, as an actress and personality.

In this ICC Talk Session, Ms. Rosa will speak from her own experience, about how encounters with people can affect one’s life, and about intercultural understanding and intercultural communication.

Born in Iran and growing up in an orphanage, Ms. Rosa came to Japan with her adoptive mother at age 8. Overcoming a variety of difficulties caused by racial and cultural differences and prejudices, she blazed a trail to her current place as an actress. Besides acting, she is involved in various other activities, including promoting Iranian culture on television, radio and YouTube, and outside of the art world, assisting foster care facilities and people suffering from poverty, conflict and discrimination whom she met travelling in Bangladesh and Iraq.

How can we respect various nationalities, cultures and values, and understand each other?

We will hear from Ms. Rosa what communication skills she places importance on in her everyday life. There will surely be some hints for our current situation, where the pandemic has made it especially difficult to feel “connected” to others.

If you are interested in intercultural understanding, obviously, or you want to learn the secrets of communication from our guest, a specialist in the art of expression, please join us!

Date & Time

Jan. 12, 2021 (Thurs)  6:15 – 7:45pm  *Zoom meeting room will open at 6pm.


Waseda Campus, with simultaneous online streaming (via Zoom webinar).
In-person attendance limited to 20 participants, Waseda students only. Classroom or Zoom information will be provided via email by the day before the event.


Waseda Students, Staff and General Public

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Required. Sign-up through MyWaseda.

Registration Deadline

January 6th (Wed) at 9:00am


Classroom is limited to 20; Zoom is unlimited. (Classroom seats will be decided by lottery if requests exceed capacity; results will be announced via email on Jan. 6. ) Classroom audience will need to comply with the anti-coronavirus measures below.


This event is subject to change depending on the status of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Applicants will be notified of any changes as soon as possible.

Precautions to Prevent the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus   *Applies only to those who wish to attend the class room.

1. We ask that those who have experienced the following within 14 days of the event to refrain from participating in person:
a) A fever (above 37.5℃ or more than 1 degree above normal), flu-like symptoms or currently feeling unwell (symptoms of fatigue, shortness of breath, etc.);
b) Travel to, or close contact with residents of, countries or regions for which the Japanese government has in place immigration restrictions or still requires a quarantine period to enter Japan;
c) Cohabitating family members or housemates that have shown symptoms of cold, etc.

2. We ask that in-person participants wear a mask at all times, and that they practice strict hand disinfection and coughing/sneezing etiquette.

3. Please bring a plastic bag for your own trash and keep it tightly closed.

4. Please take strict care of your health for 2 weeks before the event, regularly checking your temperature and watching for any other symptoms. We also ask that you avoid the 3 Cs (crowds, confined spaces and close contact situations).
Those who are selected, we will contact you through the other email asking you to fill in a health check form (specified format) in order to report your health status.

5. If you should experience a fever, cough or other symptoms during the event, we ask that you contact a staff member immediately and withdraw from the event.

6. If you should show symptoms within 2 weeks after the event, we ask that you please notify us immediately.

7. We ask that you follow all instructions from the ICC at the event regarding measures against the spread of the novel coronavirus.

8. Participation in this program may pose health and safety risks. Responsibility will lie with the individual participant.

Guest Profile

Ms. Sahel Rosa (actress)

Born 1985 in Iran, she moved to Japan at age 8, learning Japanese from her elementary school principal. After playing the lead role in “The Respectful Prostitute” on stage, she won Best Actress at the Milano Film Festival for her role in “Cold Feet”, and she has expanded her range in film and on stage.
Recipient of the 9th annual Youth Leaders award, outside of entertainment she serves as goodwill ambassador for the international NGO Human Rights Watch campaign for improving foster care in Japan. Recently she also travels to many countries to support children and conduct open-air classes.
Sahel Rosa on Twitter (21Sahel), Instagram (sa_chan_1021)




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Tue, 12 Jan 2021

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