Intercultural Communication Center (ICC)Waseda University




Pham Ngoc Linh/ Rin


Graduate School of International Culture and Communication Studies (GSICCS) 国際コミュニケーション研究科


Hanoi, Vietnam


Traveling, postcards, cooking

Why did you apply to become an SSL?

I wanted to hold a Vietnamese event for all the Waseda students. I joined ICC just one month after entered Waseda. I didn’t meet many Vietnamese students at that time so I thought I could introduce the Vietnamese culture to everyone and ICC is the right place for me to do that. I was a participant in some aboard exchange programs of the government so I think I can bring my experiences to support other students. Moreover, I love holding events. The progress of making them is not so relaxing but it brings me happiness at the end of the event when I see the happy faces of the participants and also the guests.

What does work as an SSL mean to you?  Please say something about diversity or intercultural communication.

This SSL job must be the most meaningful memorable experience for my Waseda life. Under the roof of this 2nd home called ICC, I can meet and work with so many people with different backgrounds and culture. I’ve learned a lot from all of the other SSLs about teamwork and also many other skills.


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