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Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies


I was born in Taiwan, Tainan City (Where all the good food comes from XD), Raised in Taoyuan City. I have also spent around 6 years in Canada.


I love to draw and have deep talks with my friends hehe. If it were not for COVID-19, you could probably see me in one of the cafés, having black coffee and reading (or giggling with friends😊).

Why did you apply to become an SSL?

During my undergrad, I joined my home university’s exchange student and came to Waseda for half a year. I got to meet life-long friends thanks to all the great events and programs offered by ICC so I wanted to deliver this experience to international students like me! I really hope everyone gets to create their own memories in ICC~

What Does Being an SSL Mean to You?

The feeling of actually making students’ life better in Waseda and working with great people in ICC always give me the courage to go beyond expectation.

What does work as an SSL mean to you?  Please say something about diversity or intercultural communication.

To me, Diversity and intercultural communication means to look beyond one’s skin color, accent, and origin. Simply just take the person as he or she is, embrace the differences between you two, and have fun 😀


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